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why do border collies sleep on their backs

Border collies are the most energetic dogs. So there is no surprise if you notice your dog moving all the time and sleeping during the day and night. Border collies need to rest and relax after a full day of work or movement. Border collies sleep on their backs with their paws in the air. In this article, we are going to discuss why do border collies sleep on their backs with their legs in the air? And What are the sleeping habits of border collies? Why sleeping is more important.

Border collies sleep on their backs with their legs in the air.  It is when your border collie feels comfortable and safe in its surroundings. This position helps the border collie dogs to cool down. There are many other theories also related to this sleeping position of border collies. One of the famous theories is they are too lazy to turn over. Some say they like the view of the paws while sleeping.

Continue reading to learn how to keep your border collie dog healthy and active, no matter which sleeping position it chooses.

Why do border collies sleep on their backs with their legs in the air

Border collies that sleep on their backs with their legs up in the air do this for some reason. One of them is to cool down the body temperature by exposing the belly and paws to the air. If the border collie dog is sleeping with its paws up in the air, it also means that it is trusting its surroundings and the environment.

Border collies sleep on their backs to cool down

Unlike we humans, Border collies don’t sweat. They just have sweat glands in the pads of their paws. Therefore, dogs cannot regulate their body temperature like humans can by sweating. Exposing the paws maximum to the air enables thermoregulation in the dogs.

Border collies have less hair on their belly. Therefore, sleeping on their back is also a reason to cool down their body temperature. If you ever notice your border collie dog sleeping on its back in summer, then you need to provide a colder place for your dog. Try to change the sleeping bed of the dog and place it inside the room where the temperature is normal or low.

Border collies sleep on their backs when they feel safe

If a border collie is sleeping on its back, then it means it is trusting its surroundings. You will notice this inside the house. Otherwise, border collies sleeping outside never sleep on their backs as there is a chance of being attacked.

Ancestors’ behavior

Border collies still hold some of the primitive behavior of their old wolf ancestors. You must have noticed your border collie dog howling at night whenever it hears a siren. Similarly, rolling over the back is another sign of ancestor’s behavior in border collies. It is a sign of respect in the wolf pack.

Border collies sleep on their backs to get comfort

Sleeping on their backs helps border collies to get more comfort and relax their muscles. This position helps the dog’s muscles to be tension free without any force on the joints. This position let the border collies sleep comfortably for extra hours.

There are also beds available that don’t let the dog put pressure on its joints while sleeping. Such beds are perfect after the surgery of the dogs for comfortable sleep.

Why sleeping is more important? The border collie’s sleeping habits

Low Mood:

Having not enough sleep could result in aggression and low mood in your dog. Moreover, it also leads to poor mental health. If you notice your border collie is feeling depressed and lazy, then you must focus on its sleeping schedule.

Better Concertation:

Border collies are very intelligent dogs. They need mental stimulation as well along with physical stimulation. Therefore, your border collie must have a proper peaceful sleep. A relaxed mind results in better concentration when it comes to solving puzzles. If your border collies are sleeping on their backs then consider it normal as they feel more comfortable and relaxed in that position.

Better Athletic performance:

Having enough sleep also results in fast running, fresh muscles, and better reaction time. When a border collie is sleeping, the body repairs itself. This is why sleep and comfort are very important for border collies.

Border collie social interaction:

Border collies with enough sleep also stay happy and in good mood. They become more friendly with the people and children. This means getting enough sleep also improves border collies’ social interaction.

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Why shouldn’t your dog sleep in your bed?

Sharing a bed with your dog is a very discussing and popular topic. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of letting your border collie dog on your bed.

Pros of letting your border collie dog on your bed

  • Sharing your bed with your border collie dog improves your relationship with the dog. Moreover, you will also feel relaxed and calmer by sharing your bed with your dog.
  • No doubt, Border collies are great watchdogs. Having your dog nearby is very helpful if you are living alone as it will inform you from any noise while sleeping.
  • Sharing a bed with your dog improves your relationship with the dog. The dog feels more comfortable and considers itself the family member. The dog feels more secure.
  • Dogs have high body temperature as compared to humans. Therefore, sharing the bed with your dog in winter can be very helpful.

Cons of letting your border collie dog on your bed

  • Border collie’s fur carries dander which causes asthma. So it is better to have a pet-free zone while sleeping to avoid coughing and wheezing.
  • You must always show your dog that you are the alpha. Sharing a bed with your dog will make your dog think that it is the alpha. Which must be avoided otherwise, your dog could end up with aggression if you command anything.
  • Your Border collie dog will get too attached to you if you share the bed with it. Which could lead to separation anxiety if you are not around. Border collies are one-person dogs. If they don’t find the owner around for some extra time, they get aggressive and end up with separation anxiety.
  • Dogs carry bacteria and other dirt which can come up onto your bed by sharing.
  • Dogs snore and move a lot while sleeping. So sharing a bed with your dog could disturb your sleep and result in a night of poor quality sleep.
  • Having a dog on the same bed along with your partner is not a healthy decision. Your relationship could be ruined by just this one move. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a separate dog bed for your dog.

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How to make my border collie puppy sleep?

Border collies need 16-20 hours of daily sleep. Although they are very energetic dogs they also need naps and proper sleep. You need to make sure that your dog is sleeping enough to maintain its health and proper development.

  • Make sure that your border collie dog is have a comfortable dog bed for a peaceful sleep.
  • Schedule a proper sleep time for your dog. Such as quick naps after the exercise or the walk is very essential for your dog.
  • Provide a proper dog bed for your border collie. So that your collie can rest without being disturbed.
  • Try to make the dog bed homely. Place different toys (Dog toys) and blankets on your dog bed area. Try to put your dog’s mum’s blanket inside its house. It will comfortable for your dog.
  • During a younger age, collie puppies bark and howl at night to get attention. It is necessary to avoid them during these situations.
  • Give your dog a treat on going to the sleeping area. It will develop a habit of snoozing.

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Can Border collies sleep on the floor?

You will notice your border collie dog sleeping on the floor in the daytime. They just love to take quick naps on the floor. But, it is very important to have a comfortable and soft bed for your dog to prevent any type of joint injury.

It is recommended to buy an orthopedic bed for your border collie dog to provide extra comfort and peaceful sleep. Having a proper comfortable bed is necessary for your dog so that it can relax, spent its time alone, and feel at home.


The reason why border collies sleep on their backs could have some relation with their mothers. They could have picked this habit from their mothers at a younger age. Normally border collies don’t sleep on their backs everywhere. They sleep in this position only where they feel comfortable and secure.

I hope this blog has helped you in understanding why border collies sleep on their backs.

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