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Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn is everyone’s favorite snack choice. Everyone loves to have popcorn while watching movies or TV. Just because we love popcorn, doesn’t mean that our dogs will also digest them like we do. Although most dogs love to eat popcorn, it is not easy for them to digest quickly. They could get negative reactions, and vomit. If you notice a change in the behavior of your dog after eating popcorn, do understand that it is affecting its stomach, Stop giving more popcorn to your dog, and contact the vet immediately.

What happens if my dog eats popcorn?

Popcorn does not have any life-threatening effect on dogs. But, it may cause stomach pain and other allergic reactions. Corn is a very common food allergy dogs suffer from. Therefore, you need to be cautious while offering popcorn to your dog.

Why is my dog obsessed with popcorn?

Not only humans, but dogs also love popcorn. Along with its taste, dogs enjoy the crunch. They enjoy eating popcorn.

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Can popcorn get stuck in a dog’s throat?

There is a chance that the popcorn get stuck in your dog’s throat if he is eating it very fast. Therefore, it is the owner’s responsibility to avoid these choking hazards and offer popcorn slowly to your dog. Make sure that the windpipe is empty before you offer another popcorn to your dog.

How much popcorn can a dog safely eat?

According to Dr. Dimock, a handful is enough for a medium-large dog. Moreover, it should only be given as a treat, and not as a regular diet to your dog. Upon giving it regularly, your dog could suffer from allergic diseases.

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Can popcorn cause blockage in dogs?

Popcorn is not poisonous to dogs. But, they can cause serious allergic damage if given on a regular basis. Also, give popcorn slowly and carefully to your dog. Otherwise, upon eating fast, there is a possibility that it stuck in the windpipe and cause choking to your dog.

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Can popcorn cause diarrhea in dogs?

Most of the dogs get negative reactions by eating popcorn. They could suffer from diarrhea. Moreover, they will vomit out all the popcorn. If you notice such behavior in your dog, then stop giving popcorn to your dog, and contact a vet immediately.

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