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Are Border Collies Chill

Border Collies can be chill or could be hyper. This depends upon exercise routine and level of aggression. Naturally, they are calm and chill dogs. If your Border Collie is getting enough exercise then it will chill out in the house. It will stay calm and happy.

Are Border Collies Naturally Chill and calm?

Border collies were bred for the herding of livestock. Which included hard exercise. So this breed is naturally meant for hard exercise work. But, later on, their friendly behavior with humans and children made them home pets. Now, a wide variety of people in the UK, USA, and Australia have Border Collies as their family dogs.

The problem started when this family dog stopped getting enough exercise and physical stimulation. This caused anxiety and aggression in them. This is why many dog owners are requesting not to buy this breed unless you don’t have proper time for them.

How to Keep Your Border Collie Calm

You can keep your Border Collie calm and happy by providing it with mental and physical stimulation. As you know, this breed is highly energetic, so daily exercise is important for Border Collies to keep them chill and calm.

Make a proper schedule for your dog and follow it. In this way, it will have all the requirements fulfilled. The following tips should be followed when creating a schedule for your dog:

  • 15 minutes of exercise 3 times a day
  • Chewing toys must be available to your Border Collie
  • Try to leave your Border Collie in the yard if any is available at your home
  • Give proper attention to your dog to avoid separation anxiety
  • Don’t get too close to your get so that you don’t lose control

What Causes Border Collies Aggression

Border Collies are chill dogs. They always love the presence of their owners. The Border Collie dog can be the best companion when it comes to hiking or running exercise.

Border Collies love their owners. When the owner doesn’t provide enough time for their dog, the dog gets separation anxiety. Therefore, as a Border Collie owner, make sure that you are getting out enough time for your Border Collie dog. A Border Collie becomes aggressive when it has nothing to do, or it is going through anxiety.

Border Collie Around Guest

Your Border Collie may be chill, but it could get loopy in the presence of guests. Therefore, it is mandatory to socialize your Border Collie dog with other people and animals at the early stages of its growth.

Do Border Collies Calm Down After Getting Neutered or Spayed

According to scientific research, It is proved that Border Collie calm down after getting neutered or spayed. Therefore, this could be an option to chill your Border Collie dog. This step will calm down your dog naturally.

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