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Are Border Collies Cat Friendly?

Border Collies come with many requirements and considerations. But, What about cats? Are Border Collies cat-friendly? Do Border Collies and Cats Get Along? In this article we are going to have a look at Border Collie’s behavior with cats, and how they can co-exist.

Border Collies are cat friendly if they are trained properly. They can coexist perfectly under a single roof if they are well-trained. Naturally, all Border collies are different. Some would like to get along with cats, whereas others could be possessive about their territory.

Border Collies were meant to herd livestock at the farms. But, with time and their friendly nature with humans, they became family pets. Whereas, owning a cat is a bit different. Let’s have a look at how Border collies and cats can get along with each other.

Border Collies and Cats

Border Collies are herders. They will herd everything including cats. Herding is in their blood. Even though they herd cats, they never mean harm to them. This type of herding behavior may not cause any harm, but your cat won’t like it. Because, this herding could lead to nipping, which could hurt your cat.

Cats generally like being alone. They don’t like other pets bossing around them. But a playful kitten could like the chase and might get along better with your Border Collie dog. If your Border Collie and cat are socialized properly, then they will have a better time with each other.

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The best recommendation is to bring a border collie puppy at home and introduce it to other cats at a younger age. This way, your border collie will not know any difference and they will get along friendly.

Training your border collie to become cat-friendly

Border Collies may not mean any harm to cats while herding, but the cat could get hurt while nipping. With proper training, it is possible to stop your Border Collie from herding cats. Your Border collie and cat may live together as companions.

The ideal time to teach your Border Collie such type of training is when it is 12 weeks old. If they greet each other at a young age, then It means that they are going to live as a companion. Moreover, you can also encourage your Border Collie to play with cats.

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It is suggested to keep an eye on the interaction of your Border Collie dog with the cat. If you notice they are getting along well, praise their behavior. Award them with a treat every time you see them being friendly to each other. This way you can improve your Border Collie’s behavior with cats.

Moreover, never punish your Border Collie for its bad behavior with cats. Just avoid and disagree with the way he treats cats. Border Collies are very intelligent dogs. They will understand which behavior is not tolerable.

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Also, make sure that your Border Collie is not bored all the time. This could also lead to aggressive behavior.


Border collies are cat friendly. All they need is a small training and behavioral guide. They can be the perfect pets if they are properly taken care of. Similarly, they can be the worst pets as well if you are not taking care of their requirements. They need attention and daily exercise. Border Collies never attack cats. They just herd them. So in training, you need to make sure that your border collie doesn’t herd cats anymore.

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