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How many hours should a border collie sleep

Border collies are energetic dogs, so they need a lot of daily exercise to release their energy. One will think they must be sleeping 16 to 20 hours daily like the other normal dog. If Border collies don’t sleep 16 to 20 hours daily after getting much tired, how many hours do they sleep? How many hours should a Border collie sleep?

Border collies are herding dogs. They are the most energetic dog breed used for the herding of livestock. Border collies should sleep more hours due to their tiring job, but they never get tired. They are always ready for new tasks and activities. A Border collie should sleep 12 to 14 hours daily if he is a working dog and has released all of his energy in playing.

How many hours should a border collie sleep?

Dogs at the farm have a tough and busy routine due to which they couldn’t sleep a lot like the other dogs. Border collies should sleep 12 to 15 hours daily to relax properly. Most Border collies sleep less than 10 hours due to their routine, which is ok because most Border collies at home do nothing all day except sleep. Due to this, they become fat and aggressive due to boredom. It is important to keep your Border collie fit and healthy all the time.

Border collie puppy sleep:

Border collie puppies don’t usually sleep a lot. It is because of their highly energetic nature which they are always ready for the task. Mostly collie puppies sleep just 2 to 6 hours daily. It takes some time to drop down their energy level and increase the number of sleep hours. Border collies should sleep 8 to 10 hours normally and play a lot to become active young dogs with more life span.

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Border collies sleep the day and night:

Your Border collie may sleep all day and wake up at night to disturb you and your family. Normal family Border collie should sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. The best way to maintain your Border collie’s sleeping routine is to give him proper daily exercise. They need to release their energy somehow, which can be done by playing games with them or taking them on a daily walk.


Border collies should sleep 12 to 14 hours daily. They are highly energetic dogs that are always ready for new tasks and activities. You should maintain the sleeping routine of your Border collie to keep him healthy and fit. Be careful, don’t let your Border collie sleep a lot; otherwise, he will get fat. Training and daily exercises are beneficial in releasing all the energy of your collie dog. Your Border collie will immediately sleep on time if he has released all of his energy in playing and exercising.

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