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What age do Border collies die

When you pet a dog, the most common question which comes to your mind is how old will your dog live? It is a scary point that you spend most of your time training your dog. You always try to keep your dog happy and get addicted to him. And what if he does not live long and border collies die after some time? It may break your heart and I know many of the cases where the owner also went into depression because their love for their dogs was unexplainable. Dogs have become a part of the family so it hurts a lot if any family member leaves you.

Border collies die due to any health disease or old age. The average life span of a Border collie is 12 to 14 years and could also extend to 16 years if your Border collie you are lucky he could also live more than 16 years of age to 18 years of age. The death of a Border collie is like a disaster for any family because they become part of the family.

What age do border collies die?

Border collies live 12 to 14 years. Healthy border collies live longer and stay safe from all diseases. Active happy Border collies live 16 to 18 years. A key to a longer life span for border collies is to keep them happy and active.

Border collie needs regular exercise. They stay healthy if they do daily exercise. If you don’t take your border collie on exercise daily, his health will start coming down day by day until your collies die.

You will notice a change in your Border collie’s behavior too. He will start digging and chewing, and due to his aggression and frustration, he may break things and destroys your sofas at home.   So to keep your Border collie’s health stable, you need to take him daily on exercise and fulfill all of his needs.

A good and healthy Border collie lives more. If you could not able to fulfill all of his needs, your dog may go into depression too because they get their feelings hurt very easily and very fast. It is also possible that your dog gets some minor health problems. 

All of the health diseases and causes of how may your border collies die will be described below.

Border collies are very intelligent and if they exercise daily they are healthy dogs. They are very good and the best for herding. A healthy Border collie can control a whole pack of sheep just with his eyes. This is only possible if he stays healthy and happy all the time. You must take your Border collie out for an hour if you pet him at home. They run very fast as they can herd a car also. Lack of daily exercise leads to your collies dying earlier.

Boredom makes Border Collies aggressive, frustrated, neurotic, destructive, and obsessive. This takes down his health and decreases the life span of your Border collie.

How do Border collies die by coming under the wheels of cars?

Border collies are very energetic dogs. They can get out of their hands if they don’t get exercise daily, which makes them frustrated and aggressive.

They start herding; in their aggression, it is better to keep kids away from Border collies. In most cases, they start chasing a car and end up their lives by coming under their wheels. Border collies die by coming under the wheels of vehicles is also the reason for the collie’s early death.

Health problems due to which your collies die:

The leading cause of Border collie death is cancer and cerebral vascular afflictions. The death ratio by cancer is 23.6 % and it is the leading cause of death in this breed.

Cerebral vascular afflictions come on the third number with a death ratio of 9.4 % and old age is on the second number with a death ratio of 17.9 %.

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What are the signs that a Border collie is dying?

There are many symptoms through which can recognize the health of your dog and his mental and physical condition.

  • Your dog becomes unsteady on his feet. Sometimes Border collies show a lack of coordination that leads to collies dying. In dying dogs, lack of attention and weakness is because of not eating and also because of blood loss. An ear infection could also be an issue due to which Border collies die as it is a common disease in them.
  • It does not matter if the condition is serious or not, if your dog is vomiting then he will automatically have less energy and will be less active. When active border collies die he shows signs of extreme fatigue.
  • When your dog starts ignoring food and water, it means he is getting close to his death. It is important then for the owner to interpret his lack of appetite and seek attention where is necessary.
  • When a dog including Border collies moves toward death they stop taking interest in things happening around them. They also stop taking interest in their favorite person, don’t respond like before, and start shutting down day by day. After a lot of rough days Border collies die.
  • If he shakes and does twitching most of the time, it is also a sign that may border collies die. It is because his body temperature starts coming down so he does this to warm himself.
  • If your Border collie is diagnosed with heart failure, kidney failure, or cancer. It is a clear sign of his death. His belly will swallow. In these cases, Border collies die after some time.

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Common Health problems due to which may Border collies die:

There are some other common health problems which are given below with some descriptions:

Collie eye anomaly (CEA) and Epilepsy: These two problems are considered the primary genetic diseases of concern in this breed. It is a mild disease and impairs the vision of your Border collie. Collie eye anomaly affects the sclera, choroid, and retina.

Eye problems are very common in a Border collie.

Another eye problem is Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). In this condition, the retina disintegrates which leads to the partial or proper loss of vision at night and then complete daytime blindness.

DNA tests are now available through which you can ensure that they don’t produce affected dogs. Border collies also suffer from two types of hearing diseases.

The first type of disease is pigment associated which occurs most usually in their puppies upon their birth. It is also possible that this disease occurs while they are growing up. This disease is a congenital sensor neural deafness.

The second type of deafness disease is adult-onset hearing loss. It occurs between 1 to 8 years of age and your Border collie starts losing hearing ability and becomes deaf. The study is still going on to check the real reason and cure for this disease.

Border collies who are double merles or lethal whites likely suffer through blindness and deafness. Border collies also suffer from Elbow Dysplasia. These diseases may become the cause due to which your collies die.

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL):

This disease is very rare. This usually occurs only to Border collies. Many Border collies die due to this disease because the chance of surviving is very less. If a collie does survive somehow he just lives beyond 2 years of age and then border collies die. It causes severe neurological impairment which leads then to death.

Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS):

This is another hereditary illness. Neutrophils and white blood cells are produced by the bone marrow. It doesn’t be able to release them into the dog’s bloodstream but it may impair the immune system. In most cases, dogs including collies do not be able to fight infections and collies die. DNA tests are available although there is not any proper cure yet available to fight against this disease.

Border collie Collapse (BCC):

This disease is caused by high-intensity exercise. Hobbies (working dogs) and herding dogs most commonly catch suffer from this disease. Symptoms of this disease are mental dullness, loss of attention disorientation, dragging of legs, and always seeking to lie down, sit and relax. There is not any cure for this disease yet available.  A lot of boredom and lack of confidence may become the reason border collies die.

What steps you should take to help your Border collie live longer?

First of all, you need to make sure that your Border collie is happy and feels safe at home with you and your family. Always keep a record of your Border collie’s medical data and keep checking and showing it to their doctor and experienced breeder.

There are a few important points which are given below; you must take care of these steps:

  • Always keep an eye on what your Border collie is eating and always provide high-quality dog food.
  • Always keep chemical products away from your Border collie. There are many chemicals like ethanol, bleaches, and dishwashers at home which Border collies can reach and create health problems. Many Border collies die by taking in some toxic chemicals.
  • Always keep your younger Border collie safe at home and don’t let out, it’s time for their grooming and getting a boost. Many possibilities get any disease so it’s better to keep him safe at home.
  • Always available to your Border collie. They get their feelings hurt very easily so it’s better not to let their emotions down ever and try not to shout at them also. Depression and anxiety may become the reason border collies die.

Final words:

In most cases, Border collies die due to any disease. Cancer is the main reason in most cases. Death due to old age is the second number after cancer. So age does not matter in case of death. It is important to take care of your Border collie and keep on taking him for a health check-up every couple of months. 

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