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Are border collies chewers

You will normally see Border collies chewing furniture or anything which comes in front of them, why do Border collies chew? What is the reason behind the Border collies chewing habits? It is in their nature or do they do it by any cause and due to any reason? How can I stop my Border collies chewing habit? Why do Border collies chew each and everything that comes up in their little mouths? Should you keep your collie’s puppies locked up until they pass the border collie chewing phase?

Border collie’s chewing habit is very dangerous for you and your family. Nothing at your home is safe if you don’t know how to stop your border collies chewing habit. It is very amazing to see how Border collies chew couches, wooden furniture, or your whole book collection. It is also not recommended to lock your collie puppy all the time so border collie chewing phases pass. This will make things worse. Your Border collie will become more destructive. Border collies chew at a younger age. Training your border collie and some care can fade away this problem.

Are border collies chewers

Border collie’s chewing habit can be very expensive for you. Border collies chew every soft or harder thing that comes up in front of them. They are good at destroying furniture, yard, and other items at your home. Border collie’s chewing habit can be stopped by good training. With proper training, you should also take some caution. Physical and mental health exercise is very necessary to head off border collies’ chewing problem before it begins.

Why do Border collies chew                                             

Border collies chew normally in boredom.  They learn different things from their mouths in the younger hood.  Border collies learn to control the pressure of their bite. Border collies chew to get out of their frustration. They also cope with boredom by chewing.  Border collies chew before 2 to 3 years of age. After that, they stopped chewing.

If your Border collies chew at in older age also, this is because of boredom. Sometimes due to their bad habits learned as puppies.  Due to those habits, Border collie’s chewing never stops and they become problem dogs. Lack of training is a big problem in Border collies chewing.

Crate training to overcome the Border collie’s chewing problem:

Some people consider using crates cruel and refuse to use them. You shouldn’t be feared if it is used correctly. One of the big advantages of using a crate is it prevents separation anxiety and boredom. Border collies chew in boredom. This is the best training you can give to your collie dog to stop border collie chewing problems.

At first, try giving rewards and your dog’s favorite food in the crate. After he gets addicted and useful to the crate, your border collie will consider the crate as the treat box. Put food in the hallow chew toy. Try to find a toy with a hole in the middle so you can attach food to it. If your border collies chew that toy too, buy a rubber chew toy for your collie. Don’t put anything made from the fabric in your collie’s crate. Put pads in your collies’ crate at bedtime, until he learned not to chew household items.

A toy to chew for your Border collie

A toy should be durable so that it doesn’t get into small pieces by your border collies chewing.  Attach the food in the middle of the hole of that toy. Toys without food look like your slippers. This is the best way to prevent your border collies from chewing home furniture and other fabrics.

Training to stop Border collie puppy from chewing

Border collies chewing problems can create a lot of trouble for you. Border collies chew wires, and fabrics and can destroy your whole yard in one day.

Whenever your Border collies chew something or go near to it, stop them and call in a firm voice. Reward your border collies with a chewing toy. You should make sure your Border collie puppy has the excess to his chewing toy always so it doesn’t chew other things. Always put your Border collie puppy outside with toys so he doesn’t harm any home furniture. To stay safe from border collie chewing problems; keep your Border collie puppy in a limited area at home. After he gets old and you can trust him, let him move freely at home later.

If you find your border collie chewing anything, stop calmly and give it a chew toy. If he starts chewing that toy praises him. Take your Border collie puppy on exercise daily so he loses all energy there. Sometimes border collies chew due to some stress. Try to find what is stressing your border collie before your border collies chew or start digging.

Commands to teach to your Border collie

Teach your Border collie commands like ‘leave’, ‘drop it, and ‘out’. These commands will help you a lot in controlling your border collies’ chewing. If they obey, reward them. This is the best way to keep your Border collie dog under control.


A border collie is a very active and the most intelligent breed as compared to all other dog breeds. They need daily exercise due to their herding nature.  Collies chew in boredom so take them on exercise daily. Border collie puppies start chewing and cause problems. To stay safe from border collie chewing problems, give your collie puppy a chewing toy. Always be aware of your collie’s mental and physical health.

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