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How far should you walk a 5 month old border collie?

It is always difficult for an owner to predict the need for your collie’s exercise. As border collies are very energetic dogs so it becomes tough for an owner to predict how far should he take his collie puppy for a walk. The need for exercise is predicted by an experienced owner just looking at the play of a dog for some moments. Experienced owners just look at the body language of the dog while playing and come to know when it will get tired. For new and inexperienced owners it becomes difficult to get to know that how much exercise does the dog require. In this regard, collieslife is providing you with an article about how far should you walk a 5 month old border collie?

A 5 month old border collie doesn’t need proper daily long walks. At 5 months of age, border collie shouldn’t be given an exercise of more than 25 minutes. The very simple rule of 5  minutes on each month of age is applied here in the case of walking a collie dog. It means an increase in walking time of up to 5 minutes after every 1 month. For a 5 month old border collie dog, 25 minutes of exercise is enough. This must also be divided into further more cycles. It means you should take your dog puppy out twice a day. Walking exercise should be small and not more than 15 minutes.

How far should you walk a 5 month old border collie?

Border collies are energetic dogs but at the age of 5 months, you must take extra care of your dog. Like 5 months of age in the developing age for the dog puppies so must not put an extra burden on your dog.

Collies are energetic so they can walk for hours but at this age, they must be kept very safe. It is because if you provide extra exercise to your dog to release its energy, it will cause some physical issues. Most of the collie dogs also die due to hip dysplasia so you must avoid every kind of activity which could lead your dog to such kind of diseases.

It is enough for a 5 month old border collie puppy to get 20 to 25 minutes of walk to release the energy. Collies need this much exercise to release their energy otherwise they develop aggression and some bad habits.

 Walking a 5 month old Border collie

5 months of Border collie puppy is in its developing age. This is the time where you define the whole future of your collie puppy. It is very important to start training your collie puppy at this age. It also includes the walking time of your dog.

If you start taking your dog on long walks starting from age then it will become your dog’s requirement in the future. So, 20 to 25 minutes of walk or 10 minutes of walk twice a day is enough for your dog. You can play other games with your dog for its mental stimulation.

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What if I take my 5-month collie on long walks?

As the recommended time for your collie’s daily walks is 25 minutes. More walking exercise than this given time at 5 months of age is not recommended by the vets. Border collie puppies of this age got soft bones as compared to adult dogs. So taking your 5 month old border collie on daily long walks could cause any physical issue with your dog.

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Border collies are very energetic and passionate dogs. A 5 month old border collie puppy must not be taken on a walk for more than 20 to 25 minutes. This must also be divided into 2 sessions. You are recommended to play mental stimulation games with your dog along with the walk. This is the best method for a 5 month old border collie to stimulate it mentally and physically.

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