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Are Border collie puppies hard to train

After bringing a collie puppy home, owners get worried about the collie’s habits. Most Border collie puppies get aggressive and problem dogs due to the lack of attention. Training must be provided to a collie puppy so that he can become a good family dog. So the question that arises here is, is the collie puppy hard to train? How can my Border collie puppy become a good pet?

Border collie puppies are not hard to train due to their high IQ level compared to all other dog breeds. A collie puppy learns things very fast, 5 times faster than the average dog. It is easy to train a collie puppy at home, but if you feel any difficulty training a dog for the first time, it is recommended to drop your collie at any training center before he adopts bad habits.

Are Border collie puppies hard to train

Border collies are fast learners. Border collie’s IQ is more as compared to all other dog breeds. A collie puppy learns things 5 times faster as compared to the average dog. Due to a collie puppy’s high IQ level, it is not hard to train them or teach them new things. According to the research, Border collie can learn up to 1000 commands which are not possible in any other dog breed.

Training and IQ of a collie puppy

Collie’s puppy has a high level of IQ as compared to the other dog breeds. An experiment was performed by the coren to figure out the most intelligent dog breed. He tested 322 dog breeds. Border collies came out as the first number out of the 321 dog breeds. They are the most intelligent dog breed and learn things very fast, which means a collie puppy is easy to train.

Irresponsible training

Many owners complain that their collie puppy is tough to train. Even after a lot of exercise, the puppy still pees inside the house. The reason behind Collie this behavior is the lack of responsibility and care. It would help if you took your collie puppy out for a walk daily exactly on the schedule. Some people lack in following the schedule, which results in their collie puppy not understanding that he shouldn’t pee inside the house.

Another reason is the shifting of the place. Some people keep their collie puppy in one place for some days or weeks and follow the schedule responsibly. Still, when the collie puppy understands some manner, they shift their collie puppy to some other place due to any reason which results that their collie puppy doesn’t get to know that he shouldn’t pee inside.

Quick cessation

It is not very hard to train a collie puppy with some obedience and agility training due to their high IQ and energy. You can teach your collie puppy commands and manners very easily. Border collies adopt things very fast and are always ready to learn new things. If you feel it is hard to train your collie puppy, there are many training centers available to train dog puppies.

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