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How far should you walk a border collie

Border collies are used for the herding of livestock. They run miles in a day, so how far should a family Border collie walk? How to release Border collie’s energy without hours of exercise? What is the Border collie favorite exercise to do? What if my Border collie doesn’t get the daily exercise?

Border collies are herding dogs by nature. Border collies can walk miles in a day without getting tired. A Border collie living with a family must walk 1 to 2 hours a day to utilize energy. If your Border collie won’t move and stays inside all day, he will get boredom and become aggressive. A young aged border collie of 7, 8 years can walk 5 to 10 miles in a day without getting tired. A walk can stimulate your Border collie mental health along with physical health. A simple walk around some blocks and in the street is not enough; they need more to release energy.

How far should you walk a border collie?

Border collies are the most intelligent dogs as compared to all other dogs. They are family dogs but herding dogs by nature, which means they are working dogs. Border collies can walk miles in a day. They are workaholics. 2 hours of daily exercise looks a lot but nothing in front of the Border collies. Border collies need daily exercise to release their energy.

Walking a Border collie

Border collies need to walk daily to release energy. Border collies need miles of walk daily. If you have less time, you want to take your Border collie on an exercise and take him running. It is the best option in this situation and is also loved by the collies. Moreover, you can add dog backpacks and a weighted vest to increase resistance in a walk. This is also the best option to build their muscles and increasing strength without overworking. You can also take your Border collie to a walk on sand, which will put more resistance in a walk.

Walk for an older Border collie:

As the Border collie gets old, he becomes less active and loses strength and muscles with time. Older Border collies develop arthritis. They need to stay active and manage their weight.

The best exercise for a Border collie:

The best exercise for your Border collie if you have less time is running. It is Border collie’s favorite exercise to do, and they enjoy it a lot. Border collies need exercise for both physical and mental stimulation. Your Border collie can be motivation for you too to run faster and run more.

Herding Border collies:

Working Border collies have a huge amount of energy to utilize. Border collies walk all day, herd sheep, cover miles but will always be ready to accept more tasks. If a sheep stays away from his folk, then it is the Border collie’s responsibility to bring him back to the folk. A single Border collie can control a whole pack of sheep.

Exercises for your Border collie:

Border collies need daily exercise to release energy. Border collie can walk miles in a day. Exercises for a family Border collie are running, walking, hiking, swimming, and other games at the park, like Frisbee and tug of war.

Daily walk and exercise for collie puppy:

Don’t over-exercise your collie puppy. Collie puppies have fragile bones. Try to socialize him and teach obedience manners. 12 months of age is perfect for taking your Border collie on short walks. If a collie puppy gets bored, he will develop some bad habits, leading to aggression and a problem dog. Start training your Collie puppy, which will release a lot of his energy. Take him on short walks daily to keep him entertained. Border collie puppy of the third to the fourth year must keep entertained. A tired collie puppy will be easy to control as compared to a fully energetic puppy.

Recommendations regarding Border collies walk:

It depends upon you that how much walk does your Border collie required. If you used to take him on 5 hours of walk daily and suddenly switch to 2, you will see behavior problems and aggression in your Border collie. Teach your border collie everything in training by keeping all of the requirements in mind. You will easily get to know about your Border collie getting enough walk daily or not by his behavior. Always focus on releasing the energy of your Border collie to avoid any behavior problems. Three 30 minutes of walk daily is the best option for you and your Border collie.

Quick cessation:

Border collies are workaholics. They need a daily walk of a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes. A Bored Border collie will become aggressive and a problem dog, so a daily walk is essential for your Border collie to release his energy and keep entertained. Consult the vet related to your dog’s daily walk time; otherwise, 2 hours of daily walk or three 30 minutes walks per day are recommended.


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