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What do I need to know before getting a border collie

You are lucky if you own a Border collie breed. This dog breed is known to be the most intelligent dog breed. Moreover, they are also known to be the perfect family dogs. It is because these dogs possess the characteristics of herding, watch, intelligence, and immense energy. There are so many important things that you need to know before getting a border collie dog. This article is all about such facts and recommendations. Happy reading.

Border collies are herding dogs. They are very active and energetic. Border collies need regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental health otherwise they become aggressive. You must know about all of their needs and match them with your schedule before getting a Border collie. Border collies are perfect dogs for herding and dog sports. If you are going to pet a Border collie for the first time, It could be difficult for you because of their needs. Border collies are perfect for families who are more on the active side. You need to know about all their characteristics of them before getting a Border collie.

What do I need to know before getting a border collie

Border collies are also known as family dogs due to their high IQ and intelligence. They learn things very fast so considered the most demanding family dogs. A Border collie puppy’s price could vary from 700$ to 2500$. Border collies are medium-sized dog breeds. Their expenses for caring for one month could be between 80$ to 180$.

Why you should get a Border collie

Border collies are very fantastic dogs. Border collies are energetic and very alert dogs. They are highly intelligent and always like to work and complete whatever task is given to them. You should know about their physical requirement before getting a Border collie. You should keep your border collie always busy with any task he does not have time and energy left behind to make a problem for you. Good proper training is very necessary for your Border collie to keep him under control and good manners. You can teach any command to your border collie within 5 repetitions. They are very fast learners.

Why you shouldn’t get a Border collie

Border collies are highly energetic dogs. You must need to know about their all requirements before getting a border collie. Border collies can travel miles in a day. If you have a hectic routine and you can’t walk miles with your Border collie then don’t pet a Border collie.

Border collies are family dogs, but in most cases, they end up in emergency centers after any bite accident or aggressive and frustrating behavior.  They need daily exercise and good training. If you fail to provide then they become problem dogs and dangerous for your family. Sometimes owners get tired easily and bring their border collie back home after a couple of balls or other games. Border collies can play all day and they don’t get tired. If they won’t get tired and also won’t get your attention, they will become aggressive.

Border collie maintenance

You need to know about the maintenance of Border collies too before getting one. Border collies don’t need high maintenance. Brushing their coat twice a week is necessary to keep them in a good shape. Double-coated Border collies are not recommended to go through shaving.

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Border collies toward kids

Before getting a Border collie for a family, you need to know about how your Border collie responds in front of the family. Are your kids safe from collie dogs? Border collies are kids friendly. They know how to play with kids. They are very loyal dogs. Border collies will also protect your kids while playing with them.

Training good manner to your Border collie

Many owners are confused a lot before getting a Border collie. Due to their hectic schedule, they think Border collie is not the perfect dog for them because they don’t have that much time to give to their collie later. Well, the thing matter here is the training of your Border collie. You need to know about the training techniques before getting a Border collie. Good training and well manners can keep your Border collie under control in every kind of situation.

Where to get a Border collie

Never get a Border collie from any farm. This is because they are working dogs with very high energy which could become difficult for you to handle. It is recommended to buy a collie puppy and train him according to your needs.  Border collies normally get many genetic disorders and diseases. So don’t forget to go him throw a DNA test to check and be sure about his good health.

Border collies are so sensitive

Border collies are very sensitive. They get their feelings hurt very easily. They need the constant attention of their owner. Border collies are one-person dogs so in return they also want their owner to take care of them and play with them. Border collies are so sensitive that lose confidence and react with fear of violence.

Getting a Border collie for dog sports

You should know about the abilities of border collies before buying them. Due to their immense energy Border collies are perfect for dog sports. They can be seen in obedience or training competitions. After a lot of experiments, Border collies are marked as the most intelligent dog breed. They have more IQ as compared to all other dog breeds.  Border collies are very easy to train, so they are the best choice for dog sports.

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Border collies at home

Before getting a Border collie you need to know about their IQ level too. Border collies are so intelligent with the humor the same as a five-year-old child. They can open the fridge or get into cabinets, so you must be careful about that. Border collies are herding dogs by nature. They sometimes in boredom start herding children and vehicles on road. This herding could be their last herding so you should keep an eye on your Border collie. In many cases, Border collies end up back at the emergency centers after damaging any child at home or after causing any big trouble which they are good at.

The health of Border Collies

Before getting a Border collie you need to know about his health condition too. Border collies usually don’t have any health problems but only a few of them get any disease genetically. Moreover, Border collies are active dogs so they need high-protein food.

Separation anxiety

Border collies hate being alone. You must train your Border collie to live alone without causing any trouble. Due to boredom Border collies become aggressive and frustrated. To keep your Border collie under control and your commands, you need to train him very well.

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The loyalty of a Border collie

Border collies are extremely loyal dogs. They need attention from their owner all the time and get upset if they don’t see the owner around for a long. Border collies are one-person dogs.

Final Thoughts

Border collies are herding dogs and also family dogs. They are very loyal. They don’t need daily maintenance. All Border collies need is daily exercise and some tasks which keep them busy all the time. You need to know about their requirements before getting a Border collie. They need high-protein food and miles of exercise and walking to spend that energy. Border collies need the attention of their owner and their presence. They get upset and aggressive if they don’t see their owner for long. Good training for your Border collie is very important. It is recommended to get a Border collie if you see you can give him enough time and good training. You can also drop your Border collie at any training center for his good training.

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