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Can Dogs Eat Ginger Snaps

However, ginger snaps don’t affect if your dog gets a bite or sneaks into the jar. But, Dogs shouldn’t eat ginger snaps.

Ginger is not harmful to dogs. It is completely safe. But, there is a very low amount of ginger in the ginger snaps. It is just a robust flavor. The ginger snaps are made for humans. The ingredients are human-friendly. Although your dog will tolerate these ingredients, it won’t like it. A small piece of ginger snap to your dog is fine but a large amount of ginger snaps could disturb your dog’s health.

Ginger Snaps and Its Benefits for Dogs

Ginger Snaps are beneficial for your dog. It is beneficial for the stomach health of your dog. It is a root vegetable that is very helpful for humans and canines if they are suffering from stomach pain. Ginger is loaded with healthy antioxidants that are beneficial for the immune system. Moreover, ginger snaps also help in the prevention of canine cancer.

Furthermore, Ginger snaps are suitable for the heart as they contain anti-clotting capabilities. Arthritis could also be tackled with the use of ginger. It removes all the toxins from the body and reduces the pain around the joints.

Can Dogs Eat Ginger Snaps?

Ginger snaps contain fat and sugar content which is not easy for the dogs to digest. These ginger snaps could cause obesity, heart disease, or high blood pressure in your dog. Therefore, it is not recommended to give your dog ginger snaps.

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Harmful Ingredients in Ginger Snaps

Although, ginger has many benefits for dogs and humans. But, many ingredients in ginger snaps are harmful to your dog. These are:


Dogs’ digestive system is not designed to digest sugar very fast. Therefore, the amount of sugar in ginger snaps causes direct harm to your dog’s health. It could cause obesity and diabetes in your dog. After these health diseases, the life span of your dog gets short.

Artificial Sweetener:

Ginger snaps contain xylitol which causes way more harm to your dog’s health than a simple white sugar. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using products that contain xylitol.


Flour may not cause a serious health problem to your dog but it is not easy to digest it for dogs. Many dog owners prefer using gluten gluten-free diet. It is suggested to use gluten-free products.

Shortening or Lard:

Another ingredient in ginger snaps that could be harmful to your dog is shortening or lard. Although it doesn’t possess any harmful substances, a large amount of it could cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Gingersnaps | Collies Life

Dog-Friendly Ginger Snaps

If you are keen on rewarding your dog with ginger snaps, then make sure these snaps have the following alternatives:

  • Honey instead of white sugar
  • Olive oil instead of shortening or lard

Honey may contain sugar, but it is a natural substance and also possess vitamin & other helpful minerals.

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Ginger snaps are not recommended in large amounts to your dog. These snaps could cause serious health issues. It is suggested to make your ginger snaps which are healthier than the typical ginger snaps.

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