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Tips for Grooming Border collies

Border collies shed a lot during the spring season. In this article, we are going to discuss the grooming tips for Border collies. So, if you are going to bring a double coat border collie at home, or you have got one at home. You should stick to this article for all the tips related to the grooming of your collie dog. Read to learn how to keep your dog’s skin naturally with the daily grooming routine.

Why grooming your Border collie is important

Grooming your border collie dog and removing its unwanted hair is important. Moreover, it also provides you the opportunity to check your border collies health. You get a chance to see thoroughly if your border collie dog is in good health or not.

It is strongly recommended to check the eyes, nose, ears, nails, teeth, and paw pads. Also, check their skin and coat. Moreover, regularly grooming your border collie dog keeps its coat shiny and in good shape.

Rough and Smooth Border collies

There are two types of Border collie coats; rough and smooth. The smooth coat is shorter in length compared to the rough coat. Moreover, it is also hairy, and coarser in texture than the rough coat.

Rough and smooth coats are double coats. Both of these types of coats are soft and thick on the inside and longer on the outside. The top coat is water-resistant and a little rough and long.

All double coated breeds including border collies shed their hair regularly. So, it is important to groom your dog to avoid messy hairs everywhere and tangles. It is enough for border collies to simply comb them 2 to 3 times a week. They don’t need regular grooming and extra skin care like many other dog breeds.

But, two times in a year, I.e. in spring and autumn, border collies shed a lot. You would require to brush your collie daily in these seasons to manage their shedding.

Grooming Tools you must use

It is recommended to use quality pet products when grooming your border collie dog. Such type of products makes a huge difference.  You are recommended to use a slicker brush, metal comb, bristle brush, rake, and a conditioning deodorizing spray.

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There are some conditioning sprays available which include goat milk and some natural oils, which keeps the dogs natural oil on the skin. They don’t just nourish your collies coat hair, but also fight odors and detangles. You will notice a strong healthy impact of these sprays on the coat of your border collie dog. These sprays improve the health and shine of the dog’s coat.

Brushes and the Combs

Spray the coat of your dog using a conditioning and deodorizing spray. Now, use the slicker brush to remove all the unwanted and loose hairs from the coat of your Border collie dog. This process will also redistribute the natural oils on the collies coat.

The wide-tooth comb is used on the legs, tail, and head area of the dog. Use these brushes and comb the collies body until no hairs are coming out on the brush from your collies body. At last, use the bristle brush to smooth your Border collies outer coat.

Checking the nails and paw pads

It is important to look an eye on the nails of your Border collie dog. Overgrown nails could lead your dog to any injury. Moreover, they are also painful for your dog while walking. So, whenever you hear a click from your dogs walk, must know that it’s time to trim your dog’s nails.

You are recommended to cut your collie’s nails with care. Cut only the tip of the nails. Be careful and avoid the blood vessels inside.

It is also important to trim the hairs between the pads of the feet after every two months. You can cut these hairs using scissors. If you are not confident in trimming the nails and hairs between the dog’s pads, take it to any vet. It is because, this is a sensitive process, and any mistake of yours can put your dog in danger.

Regular grooming of your dog makes all the difference

Tangled fur can irritate and harm your dogs skin. It is important to get rid of it before it does any damage to your dog’s skin. You can keep your border collies skin healthy and in optimal condition by grooming it regularly.


Grooming your border collie or any other double coated dog breed keeps its skin healthy and coat shiny. Make a habit of brushing your dog before taking it for a bath. This process will not just save your dog’s coat from making mats and tangles, but also saves you from their hairs shedding all over the tub.

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