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Do Aussie Border Collies shed

Aussies are loyal, energetic, loving, and perfect as the family dogs. They are working dogs by nature. They have a double coat with the size of a medium to large length. This coat protects them from tolerating the weather. The most frequently asked questions about the collie’s coat is: Is it ok to cut Border collie hair? Do Aussie Border collies shed? How to reduce my Aussies shedding? When will my Aussie dog start excessive shedding?

Aussie Border collies shed during the spring and the autumn. The reason behind Aussies shedding is that the skin prepares for the weather change. Aussies are an average shedding dog breed. You may have seen some hairs floating around your home. They are not a lot and can be controlled with regular brushing. Aussies don’t shed excessively, but just during the shedding season.

Do Aussie Border Collies shed?

Australian Shepherd Border collies are an average shedding breed. They shed more during spring and fall. These dogs are double-coated and need low maintenance concerning their grooming. It is important to keep them brushing at least twice a week to keep the coat in good shape.

Some owners shave the undercoat of their Aussies to protect them from extreme weather.  Moreover, shaving your dog also doesn’t stop shedding. They will still shed, but the hairs will be smaller.

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Reduce Aussie Border collies shedding

It is possible to reduce your Aussie Border collies shedding. It is recommended to brush your Aussies coat daily to keep it matt free and in good shape. This doesn’t only make them look good but also serves during extreme weather conditions.

Brushing your dog daily would remove all the dead hairs from the skin. In this way, it will also help to reduce your Aussies shedding. It is recommended to use the slicker brush.

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When Aussie Border collies shed

It is best to brush your Aussie twice a week at least. During the spring and autumn, it is recommended to brush him daily. This is because Aussies shed excessively in this season. Brush in the direction of the fur with the slicker brush. It would remove all the dead hairs from the topcoat. If you face matt, gently remove it from your hand or the slicker brush.

It is also recommended to use high-quality shampoo and coconut oil. It improves moisture content in the coat during the shedding season.

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Quick cessation

Aussie Border collies shed excessively during the spring and autumn season. Shedding removes all the dead hairs from your dog’s skin and grows new hairs to face the weather changes. It is important to brush your dog daily in the shedding season before seeing a lot of hair floating in your house. 

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