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Which dog is better Golden retriever or Border collie

Both Border collies and Golden retrievers are originated from Scotland, whereas collies are also in England and Wales. Collies are herding dogs by nature with very high energy levels. Golden retrievers are gun dogs, i.e., they are bred to shot waterfowl. Which dog is better Golden retriever or Border collie? Should I get a retriever or a collie dog?

If you are stuck between getting a Golden retriever or Border collie, then you fall in the right place. Collies are herding dogs by nature, whereas a retriever is a sport dog. Border collies are very loyal, energetic, and healthy dogs with more life span than the Golden retriever. If you are an inexperienced dog breeder and have never pet any dog, it is recommended to go for a Golden retriever instead of a Border collie. Both these dogs are purebred and recognized by the American kennel club.

Which dog is better Golden retriever or Border collie?

Both Border collies and Golden retrievers are loyal, loving, affectionate, soft, and gentle dogs. Border collies are more like one-person dogs, i.e., they get attached to their owner more than the other family members. Collies are susceptible dogs and get their feelings hurt easily. Golden retrievers are not as sensitive as Border collies.

Border collies protect their owners from any trouble. Golden retrievers are not suitable protectors and defenders as the Border collies. Collies are considered the perfect family dogs. If you have a busy schedule and can’t give proper time to Border collie later, then go for a Golden retriever instead of a collie dog.

Should I get a Golden retriever or Border collie?

Border collies are herding dogs. They are mostly used at the farms for the herding of livestock. It means this breed isn’t suitable for apartment-style. Both collies and Golden retrievers need daily exercise to release their energy.

Border collies are not as friendly with strangers as the Golden retriever. Moreover, Golden retrievers are more social with the other dogs and kids than Border collies. One disadvantage about having a Golden retriever is they more grooming and coat maintenance than the collies. They also shed more than the Border collies.

Differences: Golden retriever or Border collie

Border collies are not recommended to the new inexperienced owners. To them, a Golden retriever is the better option. The average life span of collies lies between 12-15 years, whereas Golden retrievers’ life span ranges from 10 to 12 years.

The golden retriever has more weight as compared to the Border collie. Golden retrievers are friendlier to other people more than Border collies. You can pet a Golden retriever in an apartment, whereas collies need a yard to live in due to their herding nature. Border collies bark more often than Golden retrievers. In the case of running, Border collies run fast with a speed of 28mph. The running speed of a Golden retriever is 25mph. A golden retriever needs more maintenance and grooming than a collie dog. Some Border collies suffer through collie eye anomaly, whereas Golden retrievers are safe from this disease. Golden retrievers are just available in dark and light golden colors, whereas Border collies have many color options.

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Similarities: Golden retriever or Border collie

Both these breeds are highly intelligent with high IQ levels, fast learners, and purebred. Border collies and Golden retrievers are very friendly with the family and kids. They are very affectionate, loving, loyal, and willing to please.

Both these dogs are indoor dogs and tolerant of the outside weather. Both have great strength and high energy levels. Collies and retrievers are family pack dogs. Both these breeds have some common health problems like allergies, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy.

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If you are confused between getting a Golden retriever or Border collie, then don’t be surprised because you are not the only one who is confused. Well, Let me make things easy for you. If you are a working person with a job, then Border collie is not a good option. That is because collies require the proper time of the owner. Moreover, don’t go for a collie dog if you are an inexperienced dog owner. A golden retriever is the best option for you if you need an intelligent, friendly family dog.

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