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Can Border Collies tolerate hot weather

collies can tolerate hot and cold weather

Border collies are very energetic and working dogs. They keep on working and moving without considering the weather difficulties in front of them. But How does hot and cold weather affect a Border collie? Can Border collies tolerate hot weather? How can my Border collie survive hot weather?

Border collies are double-coated, upper coat and undercoat. These coats help border collies a lot in tolerating hot weather in summer. All breeds are different against tolerance of heat; some are polar side while others can manage heat like Border collies. Border collies can tolerate hot weather, but they are not big fans of heat.

Can Border Collies tolerate hot weather?

Border collies can tolerate hot weather, but too much heat can lead to heatstroke to your Border collie. Border collies are double-coated. The coats’ functioning is to isolate the incoming hot air in summer and make it cool for a Border collie. So due to the double coat, Border collies manage to thrive in the hot weather quite well.

Rough and smooth collies against tolerating hot weather

Border collies exist in two varieties, i.e. Rough and smooth Border collies. Smooth Border collies have short hairs compared to rough Border collies, but they have the same exception of coat length. Border collies don’t thrive in sweltering weather and may get heatstroke, but the double coat help collies against tolerating hot weather in summer.

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Double coated shield

The double coat of Border collies acts as a shield against both cold and heat. It stimulates the hot wind and cools down before touching the skin of a Border collie. Some Border collie owners shave their Border collie’s hair in summer by thinking it will help them tolerate hot weather but actually, they remove the shield against the weather. It develops the chances of heatstroke and other skin diseases.

How to prevent heatstroke

Border collies get skin diseases or heatstroke due to scorching weather. It would be best if you didn’t take your Border collie a lot of outdoor summers under strong sunshine. Make sure water is always available to your Border collie. Don’t take your Border collie on a hot surface, which is not good for your Border collie’s paws if you feel any symptoms related to heatstrokes like panting, breathing problem, or salivation.


Border collies are double-coated dogs. A double coat’s function is to isolate the upcoming hot wind and make it suitable for the Border collie’s skin, which helps collies tolerate hot weather in summer. Although precautions are necessary to take otherwise, your Border collie may get any skin disease or heatstroke.

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