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Is it OK to shave border collies

During summertime, Is it ok to shave Border collies? Will shaving my Border collie will keep him cool? What are the side effects of shaving a Border collie? Why can’t I take my double-coated Border collie for shaving? How double coat of my Border collie protects him against heat and cold?

Border collies have a thick undercoat. It is ok to shave Border collies. Border collie’s fur can be matted if you leave it un-groomed. It is important to shave Border collies; otherwise, they will have matting. You should shave your Border collie’s hair once in three months. Border collies are working man’s dogs. They don’t need a proper haircut, but a little trimming and low maintenance are fine.

Is it OK to shave border collies?

Double-coated Border collies should not be shaved because there is no proper need to shave them completely. It is ok to shave Border collies but depending upon the conditions. A double coat of Border collies keeps them safe from heat and cold. Double-coated Border collies are said to have a coat that is destroyed for life. Moreover, their coats never grow like before in most cases. It becomes thick and mats.

Shaving Border collie could bring many problems for you. As double coat support collies in heat and cold, if you trim your Border collie completely, there wouldn’t be any protection left behind against sun rays. It will develop chances of skin cancer or overheating.

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Sometimes Border collies hide from you and get angry after the shave. This is a normal collie’s behavior after a complete haircut. Some Border collies do like their new look after shaving, but strange to most of the dogs. The outer coat of Border collies isolates the air to circulate to the skin. If you think it is ok to shave Border collie, and shaving will also keep your Border collie cool, you’re mistaken. Shaving completely will cause sunburn to your Border collie.

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Why you should not shave Border collies  

It is ok to shave Border collies, but you must consider the other conditions which can affect your Border collie’s skin after shaving.

Double-coated Border collies should never be shaved. This is because double-coated collies have a thick undercoat, which isolates them from cold and heat. Double-coated collies should not be shaved until it is due to any medical reason. The outer coat of Border collies protects them from both sun and rain.

Out coat will grow thicker after shaving, and your dog will feel hotter. Some of the cases out coat normally grows as before, but mostly it never grows like before. I have seen many heaps of dogs whose coats never grow back properly but are thicker and more mat.  It is recommended to shave double-coated Border collies only in the case of grass seeds because they can cause nasty damage to your double-coated Border collie.

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How to Shave Border collie’s hairs at home

Always Brush your Border collies coat before any shave. If you are shaving your Border collie in winter, you can use a slicker brush. This is because shedding in winter is not so heavy as compared to summer. Simultaneously, the shedding blade must be used in summer to remove all the excessive hairs on the coat of your Border collie. Then after that, you can use a slicker brush.

Usually, Border collies have thick mates. You can remove mats by using a trimmer or a mat splitter. It will help if you are careful in cutting mats. Mats are present in very susceptibles of your border collie’s skin. It is completely ok to shave Border collie mats.  Use the trimmer and remove all the hairs and mats. If you see any difficulty in removing mats, you can use a blunt-nosed scissor to cut them.

It will help if you are very careful in shaving mats and hairs from your Border collie’s ears. It is recommended to only cut long hairs from your Border collie’s tail. Tails usually get dirty very fast and hair growing on tails is also fast compared to all other areas of your Border collie.

Instructions regarding shaving Border collie

It is ok to shave Border collies at home. It will help if you shave your border collie in a closed area room like a bathroom or any other closed place. Your Border collie must stay calm while shaving. If your Border collie is aggressive, it is recommended to take him to the professional and not perform his shaving at home. It is recommended to give a treat and keep on praising your border collie while his shaving.

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Final Words

Double-coated Border collies should never be shaved completely; otherwise, newly grown hairs will be thick and make mats. The coat of a Border collie protects him against sun rays and keeps him cool in summer by reflecting sun rays and circulating air to the skin. It is ok to shave a border collie by considering conditions in mind. You must consult with a vet on the shaving of your Border collie. 


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