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What is the smallest breed of collie

Border collies are energetic dogs used at farms for the herding of livestock. What is the smallest breed of Border collie? And Will it be that much active as a normal Border collie at any farm? Are small Border collies good pets? Do they need less exercise due to their small size?

The Shetland collie is the smallest collie breed. Sheltie is the nickname of these shetland sheepdogs. The Shetland sheepdog originated in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. Shelties are intelligent, energetic, and willing to please. They are very loyal and have more one-person dogs. They are also known as the shadow because they always stick to the owner like his shadow.

What is the smallest breed of collie?

Sheltie is the smallest breed of Border collie. They were used at the farms for herding before farmers required large breeds for the herding of the livestock. Shelties were known as the Shetland collies, but it disturbed Rough collies, due to which their name was changed from Shetland collies to Shetland sheepdog. Shelties are miniature rough collies with brilliant and energetic qualities.

Size, Weight, and life span of the smallest collie breed:

Shetland sheepdogs are miniature dogs. Both male and female Shetland sheepdogs carry a weight between 11 to 24 pounds. The heights of these miniature collies vary between 33 to 41 cm, and so as the Shelties are double-coated rough collies with an average life span of 12 to 18 years. Shelties have a double coat, which protects them against both hot and cold weather. They are working dogs with a high level of energy. 

Characteristics of Shelties:

Shelties were used to herd livestock in the past. They are very energetic dogs with 12 to 18 years of lifespan. They are amiable and loyal dogs. Shetland sheepdogs adjust easily to some strangers and are alert if they feel something strange. Blue merle shelties have blue eyes or one brown and one blue eye, whereas all other shelties got dark colored eyes. They shouldn’t be shaved because of their protective coat. Shaving a sheltie means removing his protection so you are recommended to avoid this unnecessary act. They are brilliant dogs and learn things very fast. The sheltie can understand commands in fewer than five repetitions.

Quick cessation:

Shetland sheepdogs are the smallest collie breed dogs. They are knowledgeable and energetic sheepdogs present on the islands of Scotland. They are very friendly with the children, and so they are perfect as family dogs. Shelties generally get eye diseases, so it is necessary to take your collie puppy through an examination before taking him home.

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