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What do normal eyed collies mean

Normal eyed Border collies

Why are some Border collies called normal-eyed collies? What does it mean? What is the reason behind this disease? How do collie puppies get this disease? What is the perfect age to examine this disease in your puppy? What is the effect of these diseases on the life of your collie puppy? Stick to this article to get answers to all these questions.

Border collies suffering from an eye disease that involves choroidal hypoplasia are called normal-eyed collies.  Some Border collies have tortuous retinal vessels with small or large areas of choroidal hypoplasia. It starts when they are younger age. But as the collie grows up and gets mature, normal pigments start growing on the defective area of the choroidal hypoplasia and hide the defective area. It becomes impossible later to examine the disease due to the normal pigments. This is the reason why infected collies are known as normal-eyed collies. It can’t be detected in eye examination if your puppy gets 10 to 12 weeks old or more.

What do normal-eyed collies mean?

Normal-eyed Border collies have tortuous retinal vessels with a small or large area of choroidal hypoplasia. Border collies get many eye diseases. Collie eye anomaly is caused due to the incomplete development of an eye. Underdevelopment of choroid causes CEA.

Why do collies call normal-eyed collies?

Border collies suffering through choroidal hypoplasia get tortuous retinal vessels. Later on, due to normal pigments around the defected area, it becomes impossible to examine the disease. An eye appears like a normal eye without any disease, but it affects. This is the reason why these collies are called normal-eyed collies.

Perfect age to examine eye disease

Border collies suffering from this disease must be examined before 10 to 12 weeks of age; this is because it becomes impossible to detect the disorder after that. Pigments start growing around the infected area and cover it because it looks normal and cannot be examined. The fourth to sixth weeks of an old puppy should be examined for the disease as it would produce better results and detection is easy.

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How do collie puppies get this disease?

Border collies get some diseases genetically. CEA is the disease a collie puppy gets genetically, so it is necessary to take your collie puppy for examination before bringing it home. There is no proper solution to this disease, but genetic tests can avoid it.

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Some Border collies suffer from a disease. In this disease, the growing of pigment covers the infected area as a collie puppy grows. An eye looks normal later due to which they are termed normal-eyed collies. Collie puppies receive this genetic disease from their parents.

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