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Why is my border collie so aggressive

Is your Border collie aggressive to the other dogs and children? Why do they become aggressive and frustrated? What is the reason behind Border collie’s aggression and frustration? Is this because of any health problem? Is this aggression in this breed from the time they are born? How to get rid of Border collie’s aggression? What are the consequences you can face because of a Border collie’s aggression? How do Border collies React to things in their aggressive mood?

Border collie’s aggression is very dangerous and could result in causing much trouble for the owner. Border collies get aggressive if they don’t get attention from their owner, want to exercise to stretch their legs, or notice something strange. Aggression is not common in Border collies. There is always a reason behind your Border collie’s aggression. The reason may cause behind their barking, growling, chasing, or even biting depending upon the circumstances.

Why is my border collie so aggressive:

Border collies are very intelligent and loyal herding dogs. Their love for their owner is limitless, but sometimes it could end up in dangerous situations and consequences. There is always a reason behind your Border collie’s aggression. An owner needs to take action as soon as possible.

Border collie show signs of aggression. Good training in good manners and behavior is necessary to provide a Border collie otherwise it will be too late if you did not control your Border collie’s aggression on time.

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The reason behind Border collie’s aggression:

Border collies never get aggressive without showing early signs of aggression. If they start chasing, growling, barking, and start biting you should make sure to take an action about their aggressive behavior before it gets out of your hands. 

They don’t bite in aggression unless they are in physical pain or they are annoyed and disturbed by your actions. Sometimes they also get aggressive and bite if you press their tail.

In 9 out of 10 cases there is a lack of communication between owner and dog which causes trouble and puts your dog Border collie in separation anxiety and aggression.

To prevent Border collie aggression, it is recommended and the basic need of a Border collie is the time of his owner for him. If the owner has a busy schedule and the owner can’t provide time for his Border collie then NEVER pet a Border collie.

Border collie’s aggression and dominant behavior:

Never try to neglect your Border collie’s dominant behavior, otherwise, he will start thinking he is above you and will stay aggression all the time.

If things get out of your hands, he won’t also hesitate to bark and bite at his owner. It is recommended to be very careful in training a dog with aggressive and dominant behavior.

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Needs of your Border collie:

Border collies need proper attention and the proper time from their owner daily. They love to go out on exercise with the owner and if the owner fails to provide time for them then Border Collies will get frustrated. Border collie’s aggression will cause problems for the owner later.

You should take your Border collie daily out on exercise of at least 40 minutes to 1 hour. Border collies sometimes also show aggression toward new people this is because they are not adjusted to them and start growling and barking if they see someone strange.

If you want to fix your Border collies this problem then you should start taking him out in people at parks. This would fade away all of your dog’s doubt and he will not respond too negatively like before toward other strangers.

There are many cases in which Border collie’s aggression becomes a problem. They bite and growl at guests, which creates problems for the owner so it is important to train your Border collie well and teach all commands which are necessary and could save trouble.

The most common type of aggression in Border collies:

The most common type of aggression in Border collies is feeling threatened. This happens when your dog Border collie meets someone stranger and unknown.

They also start barking to keep that person away from themselves. Border collies also bark at other street dogs and newspaper delivery persons and the most common and perfect example of this aggression is barking at your neighbors.

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BC aggression on taking their food bowl to add food:

Every dog breed including Border collies is very possessive in the case of their food. The dog would never be sure that you are taking his bowl to put more food or this is also possible that you take that food away from him. So they always show aggression in such a way as to defend their food.

You should know how your dog’s reaction will be when you will take the bowl away from him. To train your dog in this matter, you need to divert his attention somewhere else. Border collie’s aggression is a big problem in this matter; you need to be very careful.

Try to call and give him a treat that he likes the most so he will understand that leaving his bowl for some time is okay. In many cases when owners take a bowl to put food in it, their dogs bite them on the hand.

Signs that lead to Border collie aggression:

It is easy to notice that your dog Border collie is moving toward aggression, as soon as you spot a Border collie’s aggression, it is recommended to take action against it. A few tips and instructions on how to control Border collie aggression are given below:

Signs that show your Border collies are moving toward aggression:

  • Your Border collie starts showing dominant behavior
  • Start staring at you aggressively whenever you take his toys away from him
  • Start barking at you and the other dogs whenever see them
  • Starts biting
  • Start refusing to obey your known commands
  • Start growling and showing teeth in anger whenever you push him to get off the furniture

Correction of bad behavior and Border collie’s aggression by training:

First of all, you need to make sure why is he aggressive. What is the reason behind your Border collie’s aggression? How long it has been going?

After knowing the original cause of your Border collie’s bad behavior, it is easy to train and put him on the right track. If you think he is getting annoyed and more badly from the training you are providing him, it is better to leave him alone and stop otherwise he will bite you.

Always keep in mind that you are his owner and leader, not him. If he acts like a dominant dog then you should stop training. If Border collies aggression increases while training starts from obedience training. You need to show him that you are his boss and only you have the authority to command.

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Important things to avoid with an aggressive Border collie:

There are some important things you must avoid while Border collie’s aggression.

If your dog is growling at you while you are getting close to him, you need to stop right there, or else he will bite. It is a clear sign of warning by your dog to you.

Always keep in mind that never shout or your Border collie whenever he behaves aggressively at you. You are training him to calm down but this will take things on the wrong path.

You should only yell, shout, or hit your dog when you find yourself in danger and realize that things are now out of your hands. In this kind of situation, it is better to go away and wait for your dog to calm down.

You should play games with your dog that keeps him away from you like ‘Go Fetch’ instead of games that involve chasing. 

It is recommended to take any action on your Border collie’s aggression as soon as possible instead of waiting for him to bite; which could be dangerous and create problems for you and your family.

Professionals help regarding your Border collie’s aggression:

If you have doubts in your mind that your aggressive Border collie will bite you and he has become very dangerous then it is recommended to call and take help from any professional trainer nearby.

Border collies are very intelligent and their ability to sense is very powerful. They can realize very easily that you are feeling nervous and scared of them. This would give them a lead upon you and they will stop listening to your commands.

Final words:

Border collies get aggressive when they don’t get the daily exercise they need. Moreover, lack of attention also causes a change in their behavior and makes them aggressive. Training is very necessary and helpful in these kinds of situations to keep your Border collie’s aggression under control. It is also recommended to give your Border collie daily proper time. Take him on a walk and exercise and keep him happy. If things go out of hand during a Border collie’s aggression, it is recommended to consult with a dog trainer and professional as soon as possible.

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