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Why are border collies so needy

Border collies Needy behaviour

Are Border collies needy? If yes then why? What is the reason behind their needy behavior? Is there any problem that makes them needy? All these questions will arise in your mind if you pet a Border collie. Why do they follow their owner everywhere? Is it dangerous or it is just their love for their owner which pushes them to follow owners everywhere?

Border collies need attention from their owner. If they are not provided with that attention, it makes collies needy and will also become aggressive in the meanwhile. Border collies love their owner more than anything else in this world, which makes collies needy too. They will start following their owner everywhere. They will do different things like getting into their lap, paw, and other moves to get the owner’s attention.

Why are border collies so needy?

Border collies always seek attention. This breed can never sit alone in the corner of the house getting relaxed. Movement is very necessary for them which makes collies needy. They never get tired of things easily. If you don’t give them proper attention you will see a change in their behavior.

Why do Border collies look needy and follow owners everywhere?

Your Border collies follow you everywhere representing that he loves you more than anything else. If you are okay with his behavior then fine. If you think it is safe for him and you too, as he follows you and comes behind you everywhere even at home (because of collies needy behavior). Border collies are highly trainable. You can teach them anything which they can do.

 If you feel annoyed or do not like your border collie’s behavior of following you everywhere you can teach him different commands which will help you and will prevent that to happen. Start with stay command which will provide you some alone time and you can go into another room.  You can also teach him the ‘go to your place’ command which will send him back to his spot or on his specific mat. It is better to add some toys to his place so he feels nice there too.

It is fine to sleep with your dog but it will encourage clinging during the day so it is better not to co-sleep. You can teach your Border collie the ‘Go to sleep command which will help you a lot in controlling him at night before sleep. Having a Border collie is a great experience but before that keep in mind border collie is very needy, collies need attention and proper exercise daily.

You can give toys to your Border collie to play with them sometime but it won’t help a lot they need daily exercise of a minimum of 40 minutes. If you feel this hard, it is recommended that you don’t buy a Border collie and go for some other breed.

The devotion of Border collies to their owner:

Border collies never leave their owner alone, they will keep on providing you company every time anywhere. Collies’ needy behavior also won’t let you be alone or needy.

You will find your Border collie over your shoulder or down by your feet under your chair. Border collies are mainly known for their amazing devotion to their owner. They are meant for herding and following owners’ directions. Collie’s needy behavior makes them follow their owner everywhere and look needy.

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Border collie getting into the mind by needy looks:

We all know Border collies need proper attention. This breed is incredibly wonderful. They are so clever that they can get into your mind and know what you are thinking. They can simply do it by looking at your face. You will be thinking this is due to Collie’s needy behavior.  

Border collies can control a whole pack of sheep just by their eyes. They are very sensitive and can get their feelings hurt very easily and pour for hours. Collies are very affectionate. They are also very famous because of hugging their owner. They love swimming and watching television, and more than all of them they love and always feel happy when they are close to their owner.

What if you don’t fulfill the needs of your Border collie?

The most important need of Border collies as compared to all other needs is daily exercise as well as the love and affection of the owner because of Collie’s needy behavior.

If you are too busy in your routine and don’t fulfill the needs of your Border collie then you will notice a change in his behavior. He will start staying frustrated and aggressive and may also break things at home. He may also start digging which can ruin your garden or lawn, chewing, and sometimes they also start barking a lot.

 This behavior of your Border collie would become a problem for you, so it’s better to complete all needs before the situation goes out of your hands. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the owner to teach him good manners and obedience.

Collies’ needy behavior and who should own this breed?

As it is mentioned above daily exercise as well as the attention and time of the owner is very necessary for a Border collie. It is suggested to people who love outdoor activities and go on exercise daily, must buy Border collie for themselves. This all is their need and it is their habit so why not have a loyal, intelligent, and loving dog with yourself?

It is also recommended that you teach them daily new tricks. This breed is the most intelligent as compared to all other dog breeds, so it’s better to use their intelligence for your benefit too. You can teach them different commands through which you will also be able to control them in their bad frustrated and aggressive mood.

The average life span of this breed is 12 to 14 years, but if you give proper time and daily exercise, keep your dog happy always, and away from all the anxiety and depression, and complete all of his needs then he may live more to 16 years. On the other hand, if you don’t fulfill your collie’s needs then depression, anxiety, and aggression in their behavior could lead to health problems and can also bring down your collie’s life span.

Collie’s needy behavior :

According to the personal experience of one of my close friends, Border collies become very needy if you start ignoring them and don’t give them proper time like before. According to him, his Border collie follows him everywhere. If he goes upstairs he comes behind, even if he goes to the washroom his collie waits outside for him. Border collies always want to be in the lap of their owner.

A lack of attention can cause your dog to become needy. Border collies always need intellectual stimulation. Due to collies’ needy behavior, they always want to do something; they always look toward their owner and seek some job to do. They never feel relaxed or stay relaxed all the time at home due to collies’ needs. So it’s better to teach them new commands daily. You should take your Border collie with you to the exercise and teach commands.

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Don’t buy BC if you cannot fulfill his needs:

It is strongly recommended that if you have a busy schedule, a lot of office work or you live alone and come late at home or any other possibility of your more absence from home due to any reason, NEVER buy a Border collie for yourself because collies needs are more and your given time to him will be less.

Most people buy Border collies because of their super intelligence and loyalty. But before their good characteristics, you should consider collies’ needs too. They need proper exercise and the proper love and attention of their owner. If you are unable to provide to them then don’t go for border collies and look for some other dog breed.

Quick cessation

Border collies get into depression and anxiety if they don’t fulfill collies’ needs and are unable to provide them enough time. They always need proper mental stimulation and daily activities. If you don’t provide them they may show behavioral problems. Border collies are neurotic. They can easily get their feelings hurt. It is in nature, if you love someone and don’t get that much positive response in return, you get sad and most of the time end up hating that person. It is better to make a small proper shelter for your dog and treat him well. Try never to shout at him. Try to build a habit of giving a reward to him. Always try treating your Border collie well and fulfill all of his needs.

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