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Why does my border collie sit on me and follows me everywhere

How often do you look your border collie sitting over your shoulders or down by the foot of your chair? Find your dog there, keeping your company. As a border collie owner, you can answer this question in ‘yes’ without hesitation. The question of why your dog sits on you and follows you everywhere is common. If you think your dog is being friendly, then there’s no need to worry. Yet if this behavior is causing problems in your household, then it may be worth looking into why they do it. Whether you’re looking for reasons why your dog sits on you. Why your dog always follows you around the house, the answer isn’t always going to be easy. But, that does not mean it’s impossible to find out. Here are several reasons why dogs sit on their owners and follow them everywhere they go.

My border collie sits on me and follows me everywhere because it loves me and trusts me. It feels safe around me. Also, Border collies want the companionship and attention of their owners. It’s normal for male and female border collies to sit on their owners for fun. Keep an eye on your border collie dogs while training them. Use the sit command and repeat it for your collie dogs to acknowledge. Offer your dog a treat whenever it understands the command. Here are some reasons why your border collie follows you everywhere, and some tips and tricks on how to train your border collie to sit.

My border collie puppy sits down and follows me everywhere. He sits on me all the time and I don’t know what to do!

Why does my border collie sit on me and follows me everywhere

Border collies are known to be the most intelligent and intuitive breed of dogs which makes them easy to train. They are loving, and loyal creatures. They are also bred to be working dogs and look to their owners for direction. These qualities tell you that your border collie is predisposed to follow you everywhere. Border collies are sociable and friendly dogs, but the level of friendliness varies from one dog to another.

You might think that your border collie is always happy to be with you, but this isn’t always the case. Your dog may enjoy being around you, but it could be that they’re following you around because they like the attention. The Border Collie follows you everywhere, but it’s not because it wants to eat your hand. It’s just following you around so that you can pet it (and play with it). It requires your attention.

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5 reasons why your border collie follows you everywhere

My border collie follows me everywhere because it feels safe and secure with me. The Border Collie is a very loyal dog and will follow you everywhere you go, even if it means going outside. So, here are some reasons that describe why your border collie follows you everywhere:

  1. They’re bored:

Some dogs get bored and will follow their owners around to entertain themselves. If your dog gets bored and follows you around when you’re not home. It could be because they want to keep busy. They entertain themselves by chasing after other animals in the neighborhood. It is common in older dogs who have had more time to get used to living with humans. They have learned how much attention their owners like receiving.

  1. They need companionship.

The bond between humans and animals is strong, which means that a border collie who loves spending time with. He will also love spending time with other animals. Companionship is important for any animal. So, if your dog loves spending time on your lap or underfoot, it is just its affection towards you.

  1. He wants to be near you

Border collies are loyal dogs and want to be always with their owners. When we’re out and about, our dogs want to stay close to us. They can keep an eye on us. They also feel anxious if we go too far away from them. Which can lead to separation anxiety issues for them in the future.

  1. He wants to protect you

Border collies are protective dogs who want to protect their family members and property from intruders or other dangers. Here danger means that could harm them, such as car accidents or fires caused by toddlers playing with candles. They have a strong sense of duty towards those they care about and will react. If they feel threatened in any way by someone else that comes into their territory without permission from their owners.

  1. They like to follow commands

Sometimes your border collie needs your attention. Probably, they want to follow your commands or spend some spare time with you. If you have a lot of stuff, this border collie will follow you everywhere.

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How to teach a border collie to sit

Sit is an exercise that you can use with your dog to teach him to sit. The exercise is simple: you put a treat in your hand and then hold it in front of his face. He will naturally try to grab the treat. As he does so, he will automatically push his chest up and down, which is known as “breathing“. The trick is that you must hold the treat out of reach at a point where he cannot reach it. This is why we call it “holding out” instead of “giving”. Sit is a very important command for your border collie. It is also one of the easiest commands to teach your dog, which is why it’s important to get this right from the start.

Use positive reinforcement – Positive reinforcement means rewarding good behaviors with more rewards. Use less punishing bad behaviors through negative attention (scolding). By using positive reinforcement, you will help your dog learn the behavior faster. They associate good things with good behaviors such as sitting and lying down. So they will want to keep doing it! Don’t force it – You should never force.

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My border collie follows me everywhere

My border collie follows me everywhere. I go to the store or church and he is right there by my side. I walk him every morning, and he waits for me outside the door after we are done with our walk. He loves going to school! When it’s time for recess he runs full speed ahead of everyone else. He plays with all the kids in his class until they are ready to go home. When we walk home he pulls against my hand so hard that my arm hurts for a few days. It means that he wanted more cuddles from me!

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They are wonderful dogs that are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train. These dogs are a joy to have in your home. The Border Collie is affectionate, loyal, and social. They can make great family pets, even if they’re known to be energetic. These dogs can be trained easily as long as you take the time to become a good trainer. However, there has been evidence that this type of dog might not be for everyone.

Especially if you live in an apartment or have a small yard. Border collies are a common breed among dog lovers. Many people go their entire lives without learning the intriguing and touching history of their beloved dogs. And though they may seem intimidating at first, nothing could be further from the truth. Border collies are affectionate and loyal, willing to do anything to please their owners. That is why they are one of the most popular breeds in the world. If you want a dog that will sit by your side without leaving your side the whole day. Then the border collie could be right for you, otherwise, choose a different dog breed.

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