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Kelpie X Border Collie (All you need to know about this breed)

Are you looking to get a Border collie cross dog? Then you should be talking about Kelpie x Border Collie. You should always look for a smaller dog breed if you want it as your best companion. Small dogs are highly energetic and easy to control.  Kelpie cross border collie is an active dog breed with high energy to work and play.

kelpie x border collie is a mix of kelpie and border collie dog.  is a highly energetic dog breed. But due to its smaller size, you don’t need to worry about its power or aggression. Small dogs can be controlled easily. By keeping all the traits in mind, I think it is the best idea to go after the kelpie x border collie puppy as it defines its parent breeds completely. 

Background and history of Kelpie x Border Collie

Kelpie cross Border collie is included in one of the types of collies. It is a new dog breed. But its ancestors are very old and recognized by the American Kennel Club and other major dog clubs. Both Border collies and Kelpies are sheepdogs with herding behavior. Due to this behavior, kelpie x border collie is also a herding dog and can be used at the farms for the herding of livestock.

Because of the herding parents, the possesses the qualities of both parents and came up with the best herding and guarding abilities. Due to their characteristics, many of the dogs are being used in the competition of herding.

Kelpie cross Border collie is a 50cm height dog depending upon its parents. The weight of the is ranging from 14-21 kg.

The life span of a kelpie cross border collie is between 10 to 17 years depending upon the health condition.

 personality and temperament of Kelpie cross border

Kelpie X border collie has a very loving and friendly personality. They are very friendly with the children. This means that they can be pets at home as pet dogs. They are also friendly to other dogs and pets. But sometimes they get aggressive and unfriendly with the other dogs and pets and they feel insecure or unloving by the owner.

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The exercise requirement of this breed is high as its parents are highly energetic dogs. They are fond of exercise and utilizing their energy in playing and herding.

The intelligence of the dog is extraordinary. As Border collies are identified as the most intelligent dogs, are also an intelligent breed. They are very easy to be trained due to their high IQ.

As kelpie X border collie breed is a short haired border collie breed, so they are not so hard to be maintained and groomed.

Some health issues in Kelpie X Border collie dog

Kelpie cross border collie breed has some health issues transferred genetically. It is important to check the medical reports of the parents of the dog to verify if it has some kind of genetic disease or health condition.

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Common health problems in kelpie cross border collie breed are:

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Seizures
  • Eye conditions, including progressive retinal atrophy and CEA
  • Patella luxation

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Adopting a Kelpie cross Kelpie X Border Collie | Collies LifeBorder Collie

No doubt, the kelpie border collie dog is a rare dog breed. They happen by a mistake. Therefore, they are not easy to be found. Adopting this breed is like being a lucky dog owner of the town as they are in numbers in a city. If you see any type of border collie dog meeting with the kelpie, then you get to make sure that kelpie X border collie puppy is going to happen.

Kelpie cross Border collie rescue for Australian Residents:

If you are a resident of Australia, then you can visit and find this breed at the following Rescue Centers:

  • RSPCA Australia
  • Farmdogz Rescue Inc.
  • Border Collie Rescue Australia
  • South Australian Humane Society
  • Working Dog Rescue

Many people leave the kelpie X Border collie dog breed at the rescue centers as they are not so common and happen rarely.

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Kelpie X Border collie puppy is a great choice if you need a good companion which can go out with you and walk without getting tired. This is a very loyal dog breed and also a human friendly border collie mix dog. Like their ancestors, these dogs also love to play with kids. Therefore, they are the perfect family dogs and are easy to be controlled by the owner.

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