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Pros and cons of owning a border collie dog

In searching for owning a dog, you must have come across a border collie dog. The border collie is such a great dog breed with ancestors of sheep and wolf. You will see traits of border collies’ ancestors in them prominently.

The question arises: What are the pros and cons of owning a border collie dog. They are known as the best human companions. They are also known as one-person dogs. So, what are the effects of getting a border collie dog?

Let’s jump into the detail and check out all the pros and cons of owning a border collie dog.

Pros of owning a border collie dog

Checking the pros of owning a border collie dog. Don’t just make up your mind about owning a border collie dog without reading its cons as well. Read the complete article and then decide if the border collie is the right dog for you?

Border Collie loves playing games:

Border collies love to play. They are the herding dogs, so they play the go and fetch game very fondly. You can get tired, but this breed will never get tired from playing. They just love to stay in motion.

You can also play other games such as puzzles, finding a toy, and frisbee. You have seen border collies in circuses and at other entertainment events performing different stunts.

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Exercise Lovers

This breed was bred to be the herding dogs. Collies are used at the farms for the herding of the livestock. This is the reason why these dogs love to play and exercise all the time. Border collies need daily walks to lose some of their energy.

Border collie IQ

No doubt, border collies are very extraordinary dogs. According to the research, Border collies are the most intelligent dogs right now on this planet. Border collies are very famous because of their high IQ.

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Border collie Iq should be the reason why you should own a border collie dog.

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Sharp and fast learners

Border collies are very fast learners. They are very easy to train.

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You can easily teach any command to border collies within just 4 to 5 tries. Whereas, for the other dogs, it takes up to 10 tries. Moreover, border collies can learn many commands. According to research, a border collie dog can learn 1000 commands as well.

Double coat

Another best thing about border collies is they are double-coated. This makes these dogs strong against fighting the temperature. Border collies can tolerate hot and cold temperatures.

Healthy dog breed

Border collies are known to be the healthiest dog breed. The average life span of border collie dogs is 12-15. Most of the border collies also live up to 18-20 years of age.

Learn about the border collie health issues in the cons of owning a border collie.

Cons of owning a border collie dog

Border collies are vocal dogs

Border collies become vocal sometimes. But there is always a reason behind this behavior of this breed. Sometimes border collies become vocal in order to communicate with the other animals or the owner.

Border collies also become vocal when they are in some physical pain. Moreover, boredom could also be the reason behind the vocalness of your border collie dog.

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Border collie eyesight

Collie’s eyes are very sharp. They can spot an animal from a very distant. The reason why we have added the collie’s eyesight in the cons is that collies get many eyesight issues.

Moreover, they cannot also see something between their eyes due to the nose. You must have noticed that your border collie is unable to see the food or a toy that is just right there in front of it.

Border collies’ aggression

Border collies are also known to be aggressive dogs. But, there is always a reason behind your collie’s aggression. This aggression can be prevented by taking good care of your border collie dog.

Collies health issues

This breed got many health issues. Almost 23% of the collie deaths are due to cancer. They also get hip dysplasia. Therefore, you must check all the medical reports of a border collie puppy before you own it.

Highly energetic dogs

Border collies are highly energetic dogs. This is a fun fact. But this also becomes a problem for the owners. Sometimes the owner is busy with the schedule and cannot fulfill the requirements of the dog such as taking on a walk and playing. In return, the border collie dog put its energy into destroying things at home and showing aggression. This results in a problem dog for the owners. It is a very important con of owning a border collie dog. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to match your daily schedule with the collie requirements.

Shedding problem

Border collies are double-coated dogs. They shed a lot. Which results in fur everywhere in the room. IF you have any family member with such allergies then it is strongly recommended to give up on a border collie dog and look out for the less shedding breed.

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Is a border collie the right dog for you?

It is important to check whether you are eligible for owning a border collie or not. Border collies are highly energetic, so they need daily exercise. If you are a person with a tight schedule due to which you cannot give enough time to your dog, then the border collie is not the right option for you.

If you are a person, which loves to walk and exercise, a person which visits parks almost daily then border collie is the best option for you. Border collies are known to be the best human companions. So owning a border collie is the best option for you if you can fulfill its basic requirements.

Pros and cons of owning a border collie: Conclusion

Border collies need proper attention and care. If you cannot provide enough time for this breed, then the border collie is not the right dog for you.

Border collies are very easy to be trained. They learn things very fast. They are not too expensive as well. You can get a Border collie puppy easily at a cheap price. Their price ranges from 400 to 600 dollars for collie puppies.

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