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The Border collie dog is a precious, adorable as well as the most intelligent dog breed. Border collies are named as Border because they were originated from the border of Scotland and England. This breed is a great problem solver with high intellect skills.

Border collies are the perfect human companions. They are perfect for the people which love to go outside and burn lots of energy daily on exercise. We know you are more curious to find out the other amazing facts about the border collies. Many people ask about the life expectancy of a border collie. So, in this article we are going to answer the different queries such as how long do border collies live for? What is the average life of a border collie? And how long do border collie mixes live?

Read this article completely to find out how you can extend the life of your border collie pet.

How long do Border collies live for?

The average lifespan of a border collie dog is between 12 and 15 years. However, most live upto 18 years. The life expectancy of a border collie is 12 to 13 years.

One of the oldest border collie dog ever is known as Bramble. Bramble lived upto 25 years of age. Which is approximately equals to 189 years in dog years. She was the oldest dog from the border collie breed. She ate all the vegetarian food throughout her life. The food used to include organic vegetables, lenticles and rice. She is also mentioned in Guinness book of world records.

The average life cycle of a border collie

As you now know that how long do border collies live for, lets move to the average life cycle of border collies. Like all the other creatures of the world, border collies also go through different live stages before it gets to adulthood. Lets explore it in detail.


The weight at the birth time of border collies is 7-14 ounces. Border collies are very active in their childhood. They don’t just get socialize with their mother and other siblings but also with everything in the environment as they continue to grow. It is a good idea to introduce your border collie dog to the new sounds at a young age but it is also very necessary to remain the dog with the mother until its weaned.


Border collies are adolescence between the age of 8 to 18 years. Adolescent border collies eat anxiously in their teenage life in order to maintain the high energy level and metabolism. At this age, the collies also have puppy teeth and transitioning towards the adult teeth. This age is also the perfect age to start training them.


Most of the border collies stop developing after the 15 months of age. Whereas, the larger border collie may take upto 18 years to grow completely. Border collies reaches the adult height at roughly the year old.

The female border collies are regarded as adults when they reach the 2 years of age I.e. 24 months old. Incase of male border collies, they get mature after 36 months of age.

Common Health Problems That Impact The Border Collie Lifespan

As it has been described well that how long do border collies live for, now it is clear that it is a healthy breed. But, like the any other dog breed, border collies are also prone towards the health problems and illness.

Following is the list of the most common health problems in border collies:

  • Musculoskeletal disorder: The energetic breeds especially the border collies which love to run and move around could hurt their joints badly. It is a very painful disorder. The most common Musculoskeletal disorder among the border collies is hip dysplasia or OCD. It is a disease in which the joint cartilage and the bone develop cracks due to the fast growth.
  • Dental issues: A lot of border collies come up with the dental issues. Tartar and plaque among the gumline, like all the humans which cause pain cavity and tooth loss.
  • Neurological issues: Border collies may be popular due to the immense energy, but they are also disposed to canine epilepsy. The most common type of epilepsy in Border collie dogs is the idiopathic epilepsy.

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How to extent the life of your Border collie

Border collies are very smart dogs with a long lifespan if they are taken care properly. If you are interested in getting a Border collie, then you must take good care of it. We have outlined some of the best ways which can be energetic with your border collies health and happiness.

Following are the tips which can help in increasing the lifespan of your border collie dog:

  • A lot of Exercise: Border collies don’t just need physical exercise and activities but also mental stimulation. They love to solve puzzles and problems. You cannot keep a border collie breed inside the apartment. They need to be taken on daily walks and engage in physical activities. You should allow your border collie dog with the other dogs and humans. Involve your dog in different games such as go and fetch, and nose games in which the dog finds the treat by its smell.

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  • Healthy food: Border collies are canines with a glossy coats. They need food that is rich in protein and oil. Moreover, raw bones and meat are also provided to the dog generally. Raw vegetables such as broccoli and carrots are also recommended and are better for the collie’s health. You must avoid giving the food to your dog which includes flavoring and addictive’.

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  • Regular Grooming: Border collies are double-coated dogs. They must be combed on regular basis. Regular grooming of border collies is necessary to maintain the skin and hairs of your dog. There is no need to bath them daily, but they should be combed on regular basis.

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After reading the entire article, you are now aware of how long do border collies live for and how you can increase the life expectancy of your border collie dog. You must keep your dog healthy and fulfill all of its needs. Otherwise, it will turn into the problem dog and you will end up having irritation with your border collie dog.


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