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How often should a collie be bathed

Border collies get dirty very easily due to the red mud, and the soil at home so they need a bath. Border collies at the farm get dirty very fast after herding all day. The next question raises here is how often should a collie be bathed. Should I bathe a Border collie every week, which is a tough task to do for some people, or once a month?

Border collies are herding dogs by nature. They are very energetic, so they keep moving all day in the yard, at home, or on the farm. There is no need to bathe your Border collie every day or every week. If your Border collie gets dirty, you can use tap water to remove the mud from that area, but there is no need to put shampoo properly and bathe him. It is recommended to bathe your Border collie only 4 to 5 times a year. They also don’t have a dog smell, which is very irritating and embarrassing for the family.

How often should a collie be bathed?

Border collies don’t have a dog smell. So you bathe your Border collie at least 4 to 5 times a year and his proper grooming to maintain his shape. You can bathe your Border collie in a tub, shower, or any other enclosed area. If mud is attached to your Border collie, wash it with tap water. There is no need to apply shampoo and a proper bath to your Border collie.  Smooth Border collies have small coats and smooth fur, whereas rough Border collies have long coats and fur. You must bathe your Bath Border collie and keep him groomed to maintain his shape. It is recommended to brush your border collie every weekend.

How to bath a collie

Only bathe your collie dog when you are sure that you have completely brushed and groomed your collie, and there are no mats left behind.

Wet your Border collie first by starting from the head. If you get any trouble wetting your Border collie’s coat, then you can put a shampoo first and start wetting. It is recommended not to use a detergent shampoo because it could cause some skin issues, and your dog may be allergic to them. After putting on shampoo, use a pin brush to shampoo the coat completely. You can also use a conditioner on the coat of your Border collie.

Rinse well your Border collie after a bath

After shampooing, start rinsing your collie and make sure that there are no shampoo residues that are left behind because they could cause skin issues to your Border collie.  It is essential to rinse your Border collie very well.

Use of hairdryer

After rinsing, dry your Border collie by using a hairdryer. There are many animal hairdryers available for this cause. If you are using your hairdryer on your Border collie, use it on the low setting and keep on moving it on the hair to burn any hair of your Border collie.

Why should I bathe my Border collie?

Border collies have two coats; topcoat and undercoat. It is because collies are seasonal shedders, and male collies shed once a year, whereas female collies shed after 8 months in a heat cycle. Bathing and proper grooming of your Border collie must be done at least 4 times a year. Bathing and brushing your Border collie is beneficial in spotting flea bites. This could be due to not rinsing well or due to the mats. It is strongly recommended to bathe and rinse your Border collie well. When you think you have rinsed well your collie, rinse more for 20 minutes.

Why you shouldn’t bath your Border collies after every two weeks

Don’t bathe your Border collie after every 2 to 3 weeks because he gets dirty; this could be irritating for him and could lead to skin issues.

Most Border collies get red mud, so it is recommended to put them in a tub and wash them instead of putting shampoo on their coat. If you still want to bathe your Border collie after every 3 weeks, then use a non-detergent shampoo and only those which are skin-friendly.

Why you shouldn’t use baby shampoo for Border collies bath

Most people use baby shampoo for bathing their Border collies. Although baby shampoos are not as effective on the skin, there is some difference. The dog’s ph is different from human ph, so it is recommended to use only a shampoo made for dogs; otherwise, your dog’s skin will dry. It is good to save baby shampoo for yourself and use dog shampoo for your Border collie.

What if my Border collie gets dirty after every hour

Border collies with black and white hairs or more white hairs get dirty very easily. If you give your a bath to your Border collie, he will get dirty again after an hour by playing in the yard. There is no need to apply shampoo again on your Border collie; wash that mud and dirt with tap water. Only give proper cutting and bath to your Border collie 4 to 5 times a year to maintain him.

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How to stop Border collie from getting dirty

The best way to deal with this issue is to use a spray of dimethicone. It is safe for the skin. You can use that spray on the front and back legs of your Border collie. It is recommended to use a cloth spray on it and rub it onto your Border collie’s hair otherwise; it will just sit on the surface area. Whenever you see your Border collie getting wet, reapply it.

Quick cessation

Border collies are the most energetic and intelligent dogs. They never stay in the corner of the room all day. They need movement to release their energy. Border collies get dirty most of the time; mud gets attached to their hair or leaves stuck into their hair in most cases. It would help if you only bathed your Border collie 4 to 5 times a year using shampoo. Plus point about Border collies is they don’t have a dog smell like the other dog breeds.

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