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Are collie dogs good pets

Most people who want to buy a border collie ask several questions; the common is what specifications does the collie have? How to train and take care of a Border collie? Does collie have health problems or not? And the final one is collie dogs qualified to be good pets?

Collie dogs are good pets; they are strong, active, and handsome with a harmonious structure. A border collie is classified as one of the smartest dogs; it has a huge amount of energy, a medium-size, a distinctive cosmetic attraction, and a courageous personality; qualifying it for a variety of tasks, especially shepherding, a type of dog that is ideal for breeding at home.

Are collie dogs good pets

Border collie dogs can be excellent pets if you train them well and take care of their every need and requirement. Border collies are intelligent, kind, energetic, and loyal to their owner. They are known as one-person dogs due to their love for their owner. Border collies are the best family dogs. If you fulfill all of your border collies requirements and take him daily on exercise and love, he will love you, protect you, and will be your favorite dog. If you don’t fulfill your collie’s needs and don’t take him on exercise daily, then you can have real problems with your Border collie.

Border collies as working dogs

Border collies are the most energetic and intelligent dogs as compared to all other dog breeds. They are workaholics and can work all day without getting tired. Border collie dogs are good pets for herding as herding is in their blood. Border collies have been used to gather livestock at the farms and are good pets to live with a family.


Border collies are a middle-sized breed standing up to almost 50 cm at the shoulders. They come up in many Black/White, Red/White, Chocolate/White, Blue/White, Black/Tan/White, and Blue Merle. Border collie’s topcoat and short undercoat provides great insulation and protect them against the weather. Border collie dogs are good pets in maintenance; they don’t need daily proper maintenance or shaving but just a brush in a week and hair cutting, so no mates.


Border collies are famous as family dogs. They need daily exercise for physical and mental stimulation. Daily three walks of 30minutes are important for them to release their energy; otherwise, they get aggressive and become a problem for a family. Border collie dogs are good pets if they are taken care of well and loved well.

How to train collie dogs

No one rejects that collie dogs are not good pets until now, so the strong instinct of the collie; made it the smartest dog, making it training; it is easy, responsive, and perceptive. Border collies are the smartest dogs, and they are marked as the most intelligent dogs compared to all other dog breeds. Collie dogs are perfect pets if you train them well. They can easily learn things due to their high IQ.

To preserve this dog’s mental and physical health, it’s advised to keep a collie busy at all times by doing various exercises. A breeder has to make time every day for a long, fast-style walk and avoid having a collie chase a bicycle or car; it’s recommended to use the chain while walking.

Border collies Health

The dog from this class moves gently and gracefully, we can say collie dogs are good pets, but collie has excellent health if you look at collie strains. However, among them are individuals with serious hereditary diseases: Deafness, Blindness (suffering from marble-color progeny), and Eye anomaly. Collie dogs are good family pets with a life span of 10 to 14 years. Collie’s life span can be increased if you provide them with high-protein food and daily exercise. Border collies have muscular bodies and extraordinary energy. Herding Border collies at the farm have more life span due to high energy work.

Collie dog’s health problems

Like other dog strains and collie dogs as good pets, the collie strain has several health problems; because of their genetic traits.

  1. Disfigurement in the area of the groin joint
  2. Seizure disorder and epilepsy
  3. Eye disease
  4. Cartilage bone disease

If the dog suffers from any health problem, you must go to the vet immediately. There are DNA tests available that take place to check whether the collie puppy is affected by any genetic disease or not. Always check your collie puppy’s medical reports before you buy or take him to the medical center directly to check his health conditions.

Quick cessation

If you are looking for a kind and loyal watchdog who can protect you in trouble and love you more than anyone else, Border collie dogs are good pets for this. Border collies are extremely loyal dogs known as one-person dogs. They are intelligent and fast learners. If you can give your collie time and take him on the exercise daily, this breed is for you.

If you have a busy schedule and cannot give your Border collie proper time daily, you should look for some other breed because Border collies need proper exercise and time with their owner; otherwise, their behavior will change. They will become frustrated and go into separation anxiety.

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