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Will border collies protect their owners

While carrying a Border collie with yourself and taking a lot of care of your dog, the first thing which comes to your mind is, will my Border collies protect me if I get into any trouble. We, humans, have a nature that if we go well with someone we also expect good in return. So if you are taking good care of your dog and giving proper time and attention, in return you also want that your Border collies protect you.

With some training, Border collies protect in any kind of situation and their reaction will be based on which kind of training you provide to them to react in these situations. The loyalty of Border collie is much more than any other dog breed. Their attention is upon their owner all the time. They will go to any limit just to save their owner from trouble. In all Border collies protect the owner and never let their owner’s hopes down.

Will border collies protect their owners

Border collies are so intelligent that if they feel something weird they will suggest their owner change their way and choose another road to reach home at night.

Many known stories told by friends and by other people as well are mentioned below. These stories will help you believing in them in a case where you required your Border collie’s protection and help.

It is an experience of Mary Frederickson; she was once sitting in a truck with her two Border collies waiting for something. Suddenly her Border collies started horrible and deep growling sounds. Those sounds scared her because she never heard those sounds from them before. They saw a man coming toward her with a big rock in his hand. After their barking and aggression, that man dropped the rock and ran away. That man yelled at her before that day. This made her believe in her Border collies more strongly that her Border collies protect her with their life’s too if necessary.

How Michael’s Border collie protected him:

Michael had a Young intelligent loyal Border collie. His dog’s name was Charlie. He used to go on running 17 miles in a week with his Border collie with only the rest of one day. According to Michael he never really worked hard on the training of his Border collie. All he needed was daily exercise. Border collies are so independent. Michael’s dog learned commands on his own, he never tried to give his Border collie training to teach commands. This also shows how intelligent is this breed.

Once they were on running again like other regular days and suddenly a big dog came up on the way with size 3 times bigger than Michaels Border collie.

But his Border collie fought just to protect his owner, Michael. Michaels Border collie protected him without any hesitation and fear. This is because Border collies protect owners without thinking about their own lives. You can feel relaxed and safe around your Border collie and can rely on your Border collies protection skills.

Will border collies protect your family from unknown people?

One of my friends Carl Ackermann shared his personal experience that how his dog Rex protected his family.

According to him, he was 2 years old at that time alone at home with her mother. The door knocked, there was a man at the door stabbed and bleeding badly, asked his mother to help and protect him from his attackers. His mum suddenly stabbed the door and went to the kitchen. She saw a man there with a knife at the back door.

Their dog Rex was outside barking at the guy in front. Cal’s mum screamed and their dog Rex came into the house chased the intruder out of the home. Rex saved him and his mum that day from those guys which proves that Border collies protect their owner from danger.

Review of Dog trainer about the protection of the owner by Border collie:

Jennifer Cattet working with dogs for 30 years and she is also an ethnologist with the University of Geneva in Switzerland. She is also a well-experienced dog trainer.

She has trained hundreds of dogs in developing their relationship well with humans and she is also a  Director of Training for a service dog organization in the U.S. she has taught almost 150 criminals in the training of over 100 service dogs in 5 different prisons.

According to her experience Border collies are good intelligent and loyal dogs, but when it comes to guarding their owner in trouble they generally don’t react. To activate Border collie’s protective nature, you need to train him before. According to her, they need proper training before, to protect their owners. Many Border collies protect and react because their love for the owner is much more which makes them react at that time.

Border collies as protective and watchdogs:

Border collies may not be good protectors but they are good as watchdogs. They notice things very fast and whenever they feel something unusual or they see an unknown strange suspicious person around the house they start barking and warn the owner about him. Border collies protect the owner and family if someone strange attacks on their owners.

Border can be a great leader but you are their owner and their leader. You should train your dog well manners and should train them on how to react in hard situations. You should train your Border collie to act kindly with patience instead of biting or barking and chasing in case of trouble. If anything like this happens and your Border collie bites someone, it will create more trouble and more problems for you. Training is also required to activate your Border collie’s protective nature.

How curt Joseph’s Border collie protected her pregnant wife?

According to curt Joseph, his pregnant wife was alone at home and he was not at home. His Border collie protected his wife from a plumber. A plumber re-entered without announcing. His Border collie pissed and darn near him and he retreated out to the door.

According to him, his dog did not pursue it because he was making sure that he leaves his pregnant wife aside. From his Border collie’s protective action, it was sure that he was ready for a fight.

Can a single Border collie protect a whole pack of sheep?

Border collies are made for livestock. One single Border collie can control a whole pack of sheep. Their herding ability is much more as compared to all other dog breeds.  Border collies protect a whole pack of sheep against anything that comes on the way. They also can control a pack just by their eyes which is completely an amazing fact about them. Border collies respond very fast as they feel and see someone strange.

Border collies protective nature:

One of my friends used to live in very isolated areas of West Texas with very few houses nearby. She had two Border collies. She was single and alone at home.  Her Border collies protected her in every rough and tough situation. Her Border collies were attached a lot with her and obey every command. Whenever her Border collies feel something weird around the house or any strange person they start barking and as she used to say it is okay or sit down kind of commands they suddenly drop all defenses and calm down.

Once she was taking a walk on an empty road, suddenly a truck came by and stopped. A person came out and started walking toward her. Her dog felt it weird and thee guy as strange.
They started barking at him until she asked them to sit. On a question by that man” are your dogs friendly? “She replied, “No, they are extremely possessive and protective “.  According to her, that man replied “oh… have a good day” and went back into his truck and drove away, she does not know what that guy wanted, what kind of attention he had, or who was he.

According to her, her Border collies are not that aggressive but very friendly. They never reacted that much aggressive before, but she was happy that her Border collies protected her, got her back when she needed it.

Final words

There is not any better alarm than having a dog like a Border collie with some training. Due to Border collies protective nature and being good watchdogs they start barking and warn their owner about something strange happening around them. Border collies can go to any limit to save their owner in fights. Their growling and staring eyes can make any stranger run away from you. So in all Border collies protect the owner and react due to their limitless love for their owner. A Border collie can become a very good protective dog after some training.

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