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Pros and Cons of Neutering Border collie dog

Spaying and Neutering border collies have become so common that every owner performs these actions on their dogs. Dog owners consider spaying and neutering their dogs as an important responsibility. For sure there are pros as well as cons of neutering and spaying your border collie dog. It causes both physical as well as mental changes in the behavior of your dog.

One of the main arguments forwarded for the neutering of dogs is the “born of unwanted puppies”. Whereas countries with the highest rate of neutering and spaying of dogs i.e., the UK and USA also have the highest number of abandoned dogs. Another fact here is many dog lovers call it very cruel to dock the puppy’s tail. But they keep quiet and silent in the case of neutering and spaying. Whereas it is more painful for dogs and could cause health issues as well. You may disagree with me here but removing the sexual organs of the dogs before they are in developing mode is a very cruel act.

Neutering or spaying the dogs before the time is also very dangerous for them. According to the research, neutering or spaying your dogs before 6 months of age could lead to hip dysplasia ligament tears problem.

Pros and Cons of Neutering Border collie dog

Neutering and spaying border collie dogs have become very common these days. It has many benefits as well as harms. For sure your dog would never become a parent which is the main reason behind neutering the dogs. But, not spaying/neutering at the exact time could also cause many health problems to your dog. The pros and cons of neutering Border collie dogs are discussed below in detail:

Pros of Neutering Border Collie dog

Like any other dog breed, neutering the border collie dog also has pros and cons.

Pros of Neutering Male dogs

  • Male dogs are fond of marking and uplifting their leg while peeing. This is a very serious problem as they mark inside the home as well. Neutering your male dog saves you from this problem.
  • This also reduces the aggression in the behavior of your dog.
  • Neutering your male dog also reduces the risk of getting attacked by the other male dogs.
  • It also makes your dog less focused on the other dogs and rivals but focuses on the owner.
  • Neutering saves your dog from chasing the female dogs.
  • It also reduces the sexual behavior of the dog.
  • Neutering your dog also saves it from testicular cancer and perianal disease.

Pros of Spaying Female Dogs

  • You can save your female dog from heat periods after spaying. Heat periods are very embarrassing and painful for the dogs. Heat periods of your female dog could disturb your own plans. Moreover, she smells very bad during that time period. So, spaying your female dog saves you and her from all the above problems.
  • Spaying the female border collie dog could save it from any disease while giving birth. Many female dogs get any infection or disease while giving birth. Spaying your female dog early could save it from that risk.
  • Pyometra is the infection of the uterus. 1 out of 5 female dogs has this infection. The dog has to be spayed as soon as this infection shows its symptoms. So, spaying your female dog at the early stage could save your dog from this infection and later emergency spaying.
  • Spaying also provides protection against breast cancer.
  • Spaying prevents both real and false pregnancies.

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Cons of Neutering Border collie dog

There are different diseases and health issues according to the gender of the dog. Following are the cons of neutering or spaying your dogs.

Cons of Neutering Male dogs

You must have heard that neutering male dogs is very necessary with a very positive impact on their physical health. The neutering process must be done within the first six months of when they are born. You probably have heard all the positive things and no negative impact on the male dog.

This is completely Not True. The latest research has shown that there are many health problems related to the neutering of male dogs.

  • Chances of obesity are increased three times in neutered dogs. Extra weight means chances of causing heart diseases, diabetes, and joint diseases.
  • Neutering the dog also increases the risk of hemangiosarcoma (deadly cancer). Testosterone protects against this disease.
  • Neutering increases the risk of hypothyroidism. The low thyroid level leads to weight gain and lethargy.
  • It also causes a state in dogs where the dog usually doesn’t remember many things. It forgets its training and behaves very differently.
  • Surgery for neutering the male dog could also cause infection, bad infection to anesthesia.
  • Neutering the dog at the wrong time such as before 6 months of age or when it is very old could cause hip dysplasia, bone cancer, and ligament tearing.

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Cons of Spaying female dogs

  • Like male dogs, female dogs also have the risk of getting obese after getting spayed.
  • It could also lead to heart diseases and anesthesia.
  • Spayed female dogs have a five times higher risk of getting hemangiosarcoma of the heart.
  • Spaying causes impairment in the endocrine system of the female dog. In this state the dog doesn’t remember most of the things and develops many changes in its behavior.
  • Spaying at the wrong age could cause hip dysplasia, bone cancer, and urinary issues.

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Neutering and Spaying are getting very common and similarly, it also has become less painful and more effective for the dog’s health. If you are not a breeder and just interested to stop the sexual powers of your dog, then you are recommended to go through it. You will have to take good care of your dog and provide proper attention to it as it would be needed a lot.

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