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Should I get my border collie neutered?

No doubt border collie is the most intelligent dog with a lot of energy to work all day as a herding dog.  Many professional vets suggest taking your Border collie neutered at an early age. It is mostly recommended to neuter or spay your collies’ dog between the age of 5 to 10 months. Spaying or neutering your dog outside of this age period could lead to many possible health issues. There are many positive effects on the health as well as on the behavior of your collie dog if you spay or neuter it between the above-defined age period.

It is clearly defined by most professional vets to get your Border collie neutered soon as it reaches 6 months of age. This is the age of puberty so taking getting your dog neutered and spayed at this age becomes very necessary. Spaying and neutering have many beneficial effects on the life of your dog.

Should I get my border collie neutered?

Neutering or spaying your dog has many positive effects on your dog’s life. Of course, neutering would save your dog from testicular cancer whereas for female dogs spaying saves them from breast cancer and uterine infections. Neutering your collie dog would surely bring out the best dog behavior from it. It lowers your collie’s aggression and keeps it happy.

Moreover, you would not have to face the embarrassment at the parks while walking with your dog. Many male dogs start following female dogs while walking with the owner at the park and show some aggression due to their sexual desires. It is natural but it becomes an embarrassment for the dog owner and difficult to control the dog. So neutering your dog will also save you from this embarrassment.

There is also a lot of number of dog puppies at the rescue centers and shelters with no owner. So, no one is coming to adopt them, because all the dog lovers already having dogs. So, neutering and spaying your dog would also save many puppies’ life.

When should I get my Border collie neutered?

The most important factor in neutering and spaying your dog is the age at which they are going to go through the neutering or spaying surgery. Now age plays a very important role here. It is because spaying or neutering your dog before or after the recommended age could cause many health problems like cranial cruciate ligament rupture.

If you are having a male Border collie, then you must get your Border collie neutered as it gets 5 months old. You should consult with your dog’s vet. Neutering your dog between the age of 5 to 10 months is very ideal. Whereas, for female dogs spaying must be done as the dog age reaches 4 to 9 months of age. These are the best age figures provided to your after the proper consultations with many professional dog vets’.

What are the benefits of neutering my Border collie?

Getting your Border collie neutered is very necessary and beneficial for your dog’s health. You will see many behavioral changes in your dog before and after the neutering procedure. It reduces your collies’ stress and aggression level. Dog’s become calm. You will notice that your dog has stopped many of its bad habits like making territory marks at home and excessive barking.

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Moreover, as Border collies are very energetic dogs so neutering will also low some of their energy. Exercising collies is very important and very difficult. It is because these dogs have a high energy level and so they need a lot of daily exercise to release that energy. Neutering your dog would decrease its energy level, so exercising your collie dog will also not be very difficult as it is without the neutering process.


It is clearly defined that you must get your Border collie neutered before it gets 12 months old. These are small dogs so the ideal time to neuter them is before 1 year of age. For larger and strong canine dogs, neutering is recommended to be done after 1 year of age. There are also a lot of health benefits and beneficial behavioral effects described above after neutering. It is recommended to consult with your vet as soon as your collie dog reaches 5 months old. Consultation with your vet is important in this regard. The vet will address you with the further perfect instructions and timings on getting your Border collie neutered.

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