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Why do they cut off Aussie tails?

Back in history, dog owners used to cut off Aussie tails in order to increase the speed of the animal or to prevent some kind of injury or baiting. But the dog owners are cutting off their dog’s tails even nowadays in this modern world of the era. They are doing it with the family dogs. So in this article, we are going to check out the reasons why do dog owners cut off their Aussie tails.

Many dog owners cut off Aussie tails to strengthen the back of the dog. Moreover, it also increases the speed of your dog and prevents any type of injury. Tail docking is also done nowadays in order to save the dog from injuries or due to some cosmetic purposes.

Why do they cut off Aussie tails?

Aussies don’t need to cut off their tails. Dog owners cut off their tails due to some specific reasons like to prevent any injury or to increase its speed. Many dog owners cut off their Aussie tail to make it look more attractive and unique character among the other dogs. Now docking the Aussies tail has become a tradition for dog owners.

Is it necessary to cut off Aussie tail?

There is absolutely no need to cut off Aussie tail. It is completely legal and doesn’t include some kind of cruel act to the dogs. But there is no need for that so it is completely unnecessary. Docking is between the age of 3 to 7 days of birth. The tail is cut at some specific length according to the breed.

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What are the side effects of bad tail docking

It is very important to perform the tail docking very carefully. If you are cut off your Aussie tail poorly, then it could lead to some infection and problems in urinating. It could also cause pain later when the puppy has grown old. Moreover, excessive loss of blood during tail docking could also lead your dog puppy to death.

One out of five Aussies is born with a bobbed tail. The look seems so charming, attractive, and delightful to the viewers and dog owners. Which is the reason why the dog owners cut off Aussie tails to make them look more attractive.

Tail docking pain

Tail docking is not recommended by many veterans. This is because it is a very painful procedure for dog puppies. They have a developed nervous system so it means they feel all the pain if you dock the tail within the first week of the puppy’s birth.

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Many dog owners cut off Aussie tails. This makes the dog puppy look very attractive and unique. Although it is very good-looking, it causes a lot of pain to the dog puppy. Moreover, if you perform this procedure badly, it could also lead your dog puppy to death. Tail docking is not recommended by many vets because of the pain it causes to the dog puppy.

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