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How do you tell if your dog is an Australian shepherd or border collie

It is hard to tell if your dog is an Australian shepherd or border collie. It is because Australian shepherd and border collie both these dog breeds are highly intelligent, protective, loyal, and energetic dogs. Because of the very familiar shape look and size, almost every dog owner gets confused. Many Animals wised compare the temperament and other physical characteristics of Australian shepherds and border collies. Likewise, we are going to define some of the most major differences between these two breeds to identify whether my dog is an Australian shepherd or border collie.

Border collie and Australian shepherd are very similar. It is very difficult to tell that the dog is an Australian shepherd or border collie. The main difference is Australian shepherd dogs are heavier as compared to border collie dogs. They are also more strong as compared to the border collies. Many of the other differences will also be discussed in detail. Please continue your reading.

How do you tell if your dog is an Australian shepherd or border collie?

Border collies are more fearful than Australian shepherd dogs. Although border collies are no doubt the most intelligent dogs living on earth. Border collies are originally originated from Scotland whereas Aussies are originated from Europe. They are known as the Australian shepherds because  Southern European Basque sheepherders immigrated from Australia to America and brought all their companions with them.

Border collies have dark brown eyes whereas Australian shepherds have blue, brown, or bi-colored eyes. Moreover, Australian shepherds have angular and floppy ears whereas border collies have angular but raised ears.

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The body shape of Border collies and Australian shepherds

Border collies are slightly leaner as compared to the Australian shepherds. Both these dogs are the same in height so it most of the time becomes difficult to tell if the dog is an Australian shepherd or Border collie. Although these dogs differ in weight. Australian shepherds are heavier with the difference of up to 15 pounds. You can determine whether your dog is an Australian shepherd or border collie by keeping all the differences in mind.

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Coat colors of Australian shepherd and border collies

Border collies are normally seen in two colors i.e. black and white. But border collies are also present in white and red color or white with sable. Whereas, Australian shepherds are of tricolor. These tri colors include brown, black, and white. Australian shepherds are also in merle, multi-color with some hints of blue color.

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It is difficult to tell if my dog is an Australian shepherd or a border collie. Some of the major differences between these dog breeds are their weight, coat shape, coat color, and eyes color. More information about these factors is discussed above in detail.

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