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Which is better border collie or Australian shepherd

Every dog owner always gets confused when there is a choice of getting border collie or Australian shepherd. Of Couse, it is not an easy task to choose between border collie or Australian shepherd. This article contains all the differences and similarities between these dog breeds. Moreover, it is also recommended to the readers with all the facts that which dog is better.

Border collie or Australian shepherd, it becomes really hard for a guy who has no information about these breeds except too much love. These breeds are very cute and attractive. Moreover, there are a lot of similarities between border collies and Australian shepherds.

Which is better border collie or Australian shepherd

All inexperienced dog owners think that border collies and Australian shepherds are having a lot of similarities and there is not such a big difference between them. Which is a complete lie. It is because there is a lot of difference between collies and shepherds. Both these dogs are counted in the herding dogs list but still, there is a lot of difference among them.

Both these breeds have different behavior, requirement’s and most importantly their origin. According to most dog lovers, Australian shepherds are originated from Australia. It is because of the Australian name which is also not correct. Australian Shepherds are originated from the Western United States. These are also herding dogs with intelligence and friendly nature like border collies. But there is also more about Australian Shepherd dogs.

Australian shepherds don’t need to be treated with very much extra care like border collies. These are also more friendly towards the children. There is no need to take Australian Shepherd dogs on extra long walks like border collies. Moreover, border collies also need mental stimulation along with physical stimulation whereas Australian shepherds have no such requirements. Australian shepherds just need some exercise to release their energy and that’s all. Moreover, collies are also bound of becoming trouble dogs whereas Australian shepherds are many friendly and calm dogs.

So, if someone asks you about which is better border collie or Australian Shepherd? Then you can answer freely with all the facts that Australian shepherd dogs are better. These dogs become good family dogs as compared to border collies.

Which is expensive border collie or Australian shepherd

Both these dogs cost the same price of 600$ to 1000$. You can easily get a border collie or Australian shepherd puppy within 600$ from any breeder or through online dog puppies buying and selling platform.

The similarity between a border collie and an Australian shepherd

Both border collies and Australian shepherd dogs are of the same height. Their height varies between 18 to 23 inches. Both of these dogs are very intelligent and highly energetic. Moreover, the life span of border collies and Australian shepherds is also the same. The life span of these dogs lies between 12 to 15 years on average.

Both of these dog breeds are completely purebred and recognized by the American Kennel Club and other kennel clubs of different countries. Australian Shepherd dogs are more in demand because of their more friendly nature towards the family as compared to the border collies.

Which dog needs more grooming efforts Border collie or Australian shepherd. Well, both of these dog breeds need average grooming maintenance efforts. Both these breeds are sensitive but good watchdogs. Moreover, the gestation length of both these dog breeds lies between 60 to 64 days.

Differences between border collies and Australian shepherds

Border collies are lightweight as compared to Australian shepherds. Australian shepherds carry more weight between 40 to 65 pounds whereas border collies carry 25 to 55 pounds. Australian shepherds got feathered coats whereas border collies have densely feathered short and moderately long coats.

Also, Australian shepherds are in Red, Blue, Merle, and black color just whereas border collies come in many other colors including these colors. Australian shepherds are active and loving dogs whereas border collies are Alert, responsive, and loyal dogs.

Australian shepherds are easier to train as compared to the border collies. Border collies got more affection levels than the Australian shepherds. Australian shepherds can tolerate loneliness better than the border collies.

Border collies are very good service dogs whereas Australian shepherds cant be used as service dogs. Moreover, border collies are also good at sniffing and can become rescue dogs whereas Australian shepherds got no such habit.

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Which dog should I buy border collie or Australian shepherd

After all the facts, similarities, and differences between the border collies and Australian shepherds, it is clear now that Australian shepherds are good family dogs compared to the border collies. A border collie is better when it comes for the herding purpose or some other services. While Australian shepherds are better as the family dogs.

If you are confused between which is better border collie or Australian shepherd then you must go and bring an Australian shepherd puppy for yourself and your family at home.

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Australian shepherd dogs are better than border collies when it comes to bringing the dog at home as the family dog. These dogs are very friendly and loving towards the family. Border collies are strongly recommended when there is a need for any herding and service to be taken from the dog. Border collies are no doubt the best and on the top of the list.

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