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What should I do after getting my border collie dog neutered

If you have a Border collie dog or you are ready to bring one at home, you must also have given a thought to getting it neutered or spayed. A female dog is spayed and the male dog is neutered. Neutering and spaying are beneficial for the health of your dog. Vets recommend this procedure of getting a dog neutered as it improves the behavior of a dog and controls the dog population.

Most dog owners are afraid of getting their dogs neutered. This is because they are afraid and confused about how will the dog react after getting neutered. It is a little distressful for the dog owners to bring the spayed female dog or a neutered dog at home. Dog owners find it very tough to see their dogs in recovery mode.

Different questions are raised in the mind of the dog owners, like what to expect after neutering a dog? Should I get my neutered? What age to neuter a dog or spayed a female dog? Then they think about where can I get my dog neutered? Or what happens when a dog gets neutered? You are going to find the answer to all these important queries in the detail below.

What should I do after getting my border collie dog neutered?

Your dog needs extra care and attention after getting neutered or spayed. It will face anxiety after the surgery and could also lose appetite. It is important to take proper care of the dog until it gets properly fine, and the wound is healed.

Taking care of your border collie dog after getting neutered?

The first and the most important thing for the dog owner to do is separate the dog from all the other dogs and pets after the surgery. Try to keep the dog at peace and don’t allow it to jump, run or play much. These actions could open up the cuts.

Most importantly use the dog recovery collar to prevent your dog from licking the cuts.

You need to take strong care of your spayed female dog or male dog after getting neutered. You should call the vet immediately if you notice one of the following symptoms in your dog after the surgery:

  • Slowness, Dullness
  • Discharge from the cuts
  • Anorexia
  • Vomiting

What to expect after Neutering dog?

The anxiety is normal after the dog gets neutered. You can provide any chewing toy to your dog to avoid anxiety.

Many young dogs are ready to play on the next day of the surgery whereas some don’t want to move at all. It is recommended to keep your dog calm for at least 10 days after the surgery. You need to provide a comfortable bed for your dog for relaxation. Moreover, you must also use the dog collar on your dog to avoid any type of damage to the wounds by your dog.

You might also see a discharge from the cuts which is normal as well after the surgery. It heals in 2 weeks completely. But if you see more flesh coming out of the wound or swollen wound then you must contact the vet asap.

Should I get my dog neutered?

If you are not a dog breeder, then you must get your dog neutered. It will improve the behavior of your dog and will decrease the chances of getting many health diseases. Moreover, it will also save your dog to produce an unwanted litter.

What age to neuter a dog? when to get a dog neutered? when to spay a dog?

Most of the dog breeds are neutered at 6 months of age. Whereas big dogs such as canines are neutered when they are 14 months old. This matter is still in the debate. You must wait for your dog’s bones to get mature and then take it to the vet. The vet will provide the best recommendations and time for your dog to get spayed or neutered.

What happens when a dog gets neutered?

A neutered dog is very different from all the other dogs. The neutered dog shows very less aggression and will not hump on the people like the other normal dogs. The dog also leaves the bad habit of marking territory.

Getting your dogs spayed is important, it reduces the chances of getting breast cancer or testicular cancer. Your dog’s appetite may also increase, and it may get obesity. So as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make the feeding schedule of your dog.

Should I spay my dog?

You should spay your bitch dog and neuter the male dog. It is recommended by most vets and has many health and behavioral benefits.

Where can I get my dog neutered?

You can get your dog to any nearest vet. The vet will examine the dog and will brief you more about the exact time of getting your dog neutered or spayed.

Impact of a dog getting neuter or spayed female dog in its nourishment:

Removing testosterone or estrogen has a big impact on the mental as well as the physical health of the dog. Dogs lose all the aggression and boldness after getting spayed. Moreover, spayed female dogs also stay safe from false pregnancies.

Here are some of the products you must use as a recovery kit (Dogs Medical Kit)for your dog after getting neutered.

Dog Bed:

The best way to calm down your dog is to provide a very comfortable dog bed. Here is the recommended dog bed by the vet for the more comfort of your dog. Click here to buy

Dog Blanket:

You can also use a dog blanket if your dog is fond of sitting with you while watching TV or taking a rest. Click here to buy the recommended dog blanket.

Pain Relief:

The vet will recommend many dog antibiotics and pain relief medication for your dog after the surgery. You are advised to use them must. You are recommended to use the Cosequin joint supplements and Mobility support formula supplements for your dogs.

Dog collar:

Dogs are more likely to lick their wounds. Licking the cuts after the surgery could cause a big issue. You must use a dog collar for your dog. Dogs are very flexible, and they can easily reach their neck on the cuts of the surgery. So, the dog collar will keep your dog’s face locked from licking the wounds. Click here to buy the recommended Dog collar bone for your dog.

Calming Aid:

You can use many products for calming aid of your dog. It is necessary because many dogs go into anxiety after the surgery. So, it is necessary to provide a chewing toy to your dog as a calming aid. Moreover, you can also give your dog calming supplements. Click here to buy

Dog toys:

The best way to keep your dog active and calm at the same time is to provide the toys. Make sure that your dog doesn’t have to move a lot or run while playing with these toys. Click here to buy

Dog Leash:

It is important to keep your dog on a leash whenever take it out for a short walk or stretch of legs. Even, in an open space like a yard at home, keep your dog on a leash as well to avoid unnecessary movement. Click here to buy


Spaying and Neutering are very important must be done these days. It decreases your dog regression and controls the unnecessary dog population. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of having testicular cancer. Getting dogs spayed seems a cruel act to many dog owners. But modern technology has made it less painful with fewer side effects.

Read about the Pros and Cons of getting your dog neutered by clicking here.

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