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What do I need to know about my Australian shepherd border collie

Australian shepherd Border collie is a mixed breed of Border collie dog. What do I need to know about my Australian shepherd Border collie? Is Australian shepherd the right dog for me? How much exercise do these dogs require? Are Australian shepherds loyal dogs?

The Australian shepherd Border collie is very loving and devoted toward the family, making him a good family dog. Australian Shepherds need daily exercise and proper walks to release their daily energy. They get social very easily and play lovingly with the kids. They are very friendly dogs. So, this is also best to keep your children busy with this dog breed.

What do I need to know about my Australian shepherd border collie?

Australian shepherd Border collie is a very energetic dog with a very high IQ level. Australian shepherds are always ready to go on a walk and exercise with their owner. They are very loving dogs and love owners more than anything in their life. Their love also demands equal love in return from the owner. Otherwise, they get aggressive and go into separation anxiety.

Is Australian shepherd Border collie right for me?

Generally, people look for loyalty and friendly behavior in dogs before finishing their search. Both these characteristics are highly present in Australian shepherd Border collies. They can protect the owner in any situation due to their immense love for the owner. Australian shepherds are very friendly and stay happy with their families.

They are very loving toward the children, which makes them excellent family dogs. It could be tough for you if you couldn’t understand what your Australian shepherd is trying to say through its quietness. If you want a lazy dog that doesn’t need a lot of exercise and walks, then the Australian shepherd is not for you.

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The appearance of Australian shepherd Border collie:

They are more similar to Border collies in shape due to their traits but include black, white, gray, and brown colors. Brown and tan are the most common colors in Australian shepherd Border collies. The weight of the Australian shepherd is around 50 pounds. Australian shepherds’ eyes could be of different colors like shelties but usually are green or brown.


Australian shepherd Border collies have long hairs that get matted if not taken care of properly. You may see a lot of hairs on the couch and floor of your home because they shed quite a bit. You must groom an Australian shepherd 3 to 4 times properly a year and comb twice a week if necessary.

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Australian shepherds are very healthy dogs with an average life span of 12 to 15 years. They are usually healthy, but sometimes they may get a disease like hip dysplasia or arthritis. Your pup may get genetic diseases, so you must take him through a medical test before bringing him home.

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Training and Exercise:

Border collies are herding dogs by nature, which means they have a lot of energy that must be released through exercise or a walk. Australian shepherd Border collies are energetic, so they need proper daily walks to release their energy.

You must begin your Australian shepherd puppy training in its childhood. They are very loving and friendly and, in return, want to get treated well, so never shout or be too loudly at your Australian shepherd Border collie.

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Australian shepherds are amicable and loving dogs, perfect for a family. They are very energetic due to their herding nature and also the one-person dogs. If you are looking for a dog with loving nature, then Australian shepherds are perfect for you, whereas if you have a busy schedule and can’t give proper time to your dog, this breed is not for you.

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