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Is Border Collie Mix Husky Dog a good family dog

Is Border Collie Mix Husky Dog a good family dog? Is border Collie Mix a good family dog? What do we know before getting a Border Collie Husky Mix? Can a Border Collie be an inside dog?  Border Collie Husky Mix is the offspring of two gorgeous dogs, so whichever parent he takes after knowing that you are guaranteed to have a stunningly beautiful puppy. The Mix Husky Family Dog inherits sublime intelligence and stamina that cannot beat.

Border collie Mix Husky is a very caring and friendly puppy who loves to be the center of attention all of the time, and he is likely to inherit this trait from his Husky parent. His parent, the Collie, is often labeled as the best herding dog in the world, and for a good reason! His kettling instinct is so strong that this attribute is often passed down from one generation to another, even if the dogs have never worked as shepherd dogs.

Is Border Collie Mix Husky a good family dog?

The Border Husky is an intelligent guy who is generally eager to please his master; however, he is a little stubborn on occasion. For this reason, early obedience training is vital to ensure that he learns from an early age who is the boss and that there are boundaries that must follow. While his superior intelligence is a good thing, you will quickly learn that if you aren’t challenging him enough or isn’t getting worked as he should, he will get bored very quickly, and he will not develop a bad habit of ignoring you.

Socializing Border collie Mix Husky:

It is imperative to socialize the Husky Mix Good Family Dog as early as possible, too; expose him to as many people, other animals, and unknown situations as you can. Not only will this build his morale as a puppy, but it will also ensure that he grows into a well-mannered puppy when he is growing up. The Collie is known to be slightly unresponsive with strangers, so there may be a chance that the Border Collie Husky Mix will inherit this trait. Again, keeping Husky Mix Good Family Dog socialization will help with this. Positive boosting training is scientifically proven to be the most effective way of training a dog, so be sure to research this.

Border collie husky mix as a working dog

It is excellent news to use the Mix Husky Family Dog as a working dog, but this is potentially not great with young children and other animals. Their instinct to herd will likely turn children and other animals, and it is also likely that he will deploy their biting technique. For this reason, the Border Collie Husky Mix is not suitable for different pets within the household or households with children, so to avoid any accidental injury.

Living conditions and exercise requirements:

The Border Collie Husky Mix and the Siberian Husky are a very energetic dog who needs intense exercise daily. The Border Collie requires at least 1 hour of training, and the Husky needs at least one and a half-hour of exercise daily; therefore, whoever’s the energy they got in inherit, you must know that you are going to have a very energetic dog in your hand. Consider exercising the Border Collie Husky mix for at least one and a half hours each day, and so you can be sure that you have a happy and healthy puppy. If he is not exercised and stimulated correctly, he will become agitated and harmful, as his parents.

Playing with your Collie Husky Mix dog:

He will also need encouragement throughout the day on top of his workout conditions. Habitually, the Collie is purpose-driven, whereas the Husky is food-obsessed, so once you work out what causes your puppy, use it to your benefit. Playing tug of war and fetch, or using treat-filled puzzle games, will excite his mind and allow him to interrelate with his instructor. Due to its ability to run for miles on end without tiring, the Husky Mix Good Family Dog would be a great jogging partner for his master. If you did not spend time with the Mix Husky Family Dog, he definitely is not for you, and you should have a less energetic and lazy puppy.

It strongly is recommended to buy the following puzzle game for your dog. It is because this is the best way for the mental stimulation of your dog. Moreover, it is also a very good way to spend some playing time with your dog.

Because he is an energetic dog, he is not suitable for apartment living; not only will Mix Husky Family Dog become lazy, but he may also be to get cabin fever. He really needs a yard and fresh air to keep him happy and healthy, seeing his parents working past in the cold wilds of Siberia and Scotland. Be sure to reinforce your yard because the Husky Mix Family Dog is likely to escape artist just like his Husky parent if he gets bored, and he can jump 6-foot fences quickly.

Border collie Mix Husky as Family Pets:

  • The Border Collie Husky Mix is a seriously active dog who needs exercise daily.
  • He should be placed with an active and caring family who can exercise him figuratively for about 60 to 90 mins daily.
  • Because Mix Husky Family Dog is so active and spirited, he should have access to a yard where he can do activities properly.
  • The Mix Husky Family Dog would not do well if you live in apartments unless he got active exercise every day.
  • He is a friendly, lovely, expressive, and sociable dog.
  • He might be unresponsive with visitors initially; if his master accepts them, then Husky Mix Good Family Dog will warm up with them quickly.
  • The Mix Husky Family Dog is very caring, friendly, and loving with his family.
  • The Border Husky may enjoy a cuddle up on the sofa in the night daily. ( It is recommended by the collieslife to buy this special sofa bed for your dog because of its more comfort. Buy on Amazon )
  • The Mix Husky Family Dog typically inherits his Collie parent’s robust herding aptitude.
  • Because of this, he should place in a house with mature children.
  • If you also have other pets, socialize your puppy with them early.
  • He is a moderate aggressor, and for this reason, Mix Husky Family Dog is not suitable for families having allergic problems.


The Border Collie Husky Mix is an attractive dog who takes his gorgeous looks from his parents. He is a happy and lovely go-lucky puppy who is intensely intelligent and active, and as such, he needs a caring and busy family who will exercise him both physically and mentally daily. Providing as long as this is something that you can provide him with, both the Mix Husky Family Dog and you will have a very long, happy, friendly, and lovely life together.

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