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How does a Border collie golden retriever mix look like

Border collie golden retriever dog is a mix of the two dogs loving and popular dog breeds i.e. Border collie and Golden retriever. Border collies are highly intelligent dogs with their name on the top of the list of the most intelligent dog breeds. Whereas, golden retrievers are beautiful and tall dogs. Both these dog breeds combine to form Border collie golden retriever. These dogs are also known by the name of coltriever. The main question now here is how does a Border collie golden retriever mix look like? What is the appearance of coltriever? What are the characteristics of this dog breed? Are coltrievers family dogs? Are they good pets?

Border collie golden retriever mix looks like Border collies but their coat is more like a golden retriever. Coltrievers are very intelligent and loving dogs. They are also very energetic due to the genetic characteristics of the Border collies. Coltrievers have athletic bodies. Their coat colors are infinite. It could be golden, yellow, White, Light brown, dark brown, red, or chocolate color. If you are looking to pet a Border collie golden retriever mix then it is also the recommended one but before bringing it to the home you must go through the requirements of this dog breed.

How does a Border collie golden retriever mix look like?

Border collie golden retriever mix more looks like a Border collie but the coat is similar to the golden retrievers. The nose of this mix breed is could be in black or brown color. Whereas, the coat color could be a single solid color or it could be the combinations of different colors.

You can say this breed has not any exact coat color. Many of the Coltrievers have marks on their chest, face, or on their feet. These are the birthmarks so you don’t need to worry about them. Their coats vary in texture.  It could also be straight or in the form of a silky wave.

Hairs on the coat of the Border collie golden retriever mix are medium or long. There is no option of having short hairs on the coat of this dog breed.

How big my Border collie golden retriever mix will get?

Golden retrievers are tall dogs so due to which Coltrievers also get some weight and height. Male coltrievers get 52 to 60 cm with the weight between 22 to 35 kg. Whereas, a female coltriever gets a height of 47 to 55 cm with a weight of 20 to 33 kg. Coltrievers can live in the apartments but as these dogs are highly energetic so they need proper daily exercise.

You don’t need to worry about the grooming of your coltriever. They don’t need so much grooming and care like many other dog breeds. You can just cut their extra hairs after each month but just be careful that you don’t cut more. Otherwise, it will crease latches. These dogs also don’t have a smell. If coltrievers ever get dirty, just put them underwater for some time. There is no need to give a proper shower.

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Is Border collie golden retriever mix a good family dog?

Border collie golden retriever mix is a perfect family dog due to its loving nature towards the children. They love to play with the children. You will never see your coltriever getting aggressive with your children.

Moreover, they are also very intelligent which means they are easy to train. You can teach your coltriever the commands you like. But, along with that these dogs also have some odds. They are highly energetic dogs so they need daily exercise to lose that energy. If you don’t provide them the proper daily exercise, you will start noticing the changes in the behavior of your coltriever.


Border collie Golden retriever mix is a cross between a Border collie and a Golden retriever. These coltrievers are more like a golden retriever in look. Their look is very calm as their behavior with the family. If you are willing to get a family dog then coltriever is recommended due to its loyalty, and loving nature.

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