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What is the rarest Border collie color

From being the smartest dog breed, Border collie has also various types of coat colors. These dogs are known to be the perfect family dogs due to their loving nature and high IQ level. Border collies were first originated from Scotland in 1915. At first, these dogs were in black and white color but now there are various coat colors of this breed. So, the question must be what is the rarest Border collie color? What are the rare Border collies’ colors?

The rarest Border collie color is Merle. This is very unique among the Border collies. American Kennel Club has recognized this as the official coat color.  There are now different merles further in this breed. Border collie blue merle, white and red merle Border collie, sable merle Border collie, red merle Border collie, white and blue merle Border collies are all recognized by the American and UK Kennel clubs.

Rarest Border collie color

Border collies are on the top of the list when it comes to pet a dog at home. This is due to their most loving nature and intelligence. Border collies were first originated in the black and white color of the coat. Now there are many coat colors available which are also recognized by the American and UK kennel clubs.

Merle is the rarest Border collie color. Many dog owners are now moving to this unique coat color. One of the facts about these merle color collies is most of them also got eyes of different colors. Mostly Border collie blue merle has eyes of different colors.

Complete White color coat is also considered to be the rarest Border collie coat. It is also recognized by the American and UK Kennel clubs.

Why Merle Border collie is the rarest Border collie color

According to science, the color of every dog’s coat is controlled by the chromosomes and the DNA molecules. These chromosomes and the DNA molecules have the genetic material. Genes are located in the loci of each chromosome.  There are also alleles in each chromosome. So two alleles of each gene interact with each other and code a new trait. The resulting color of the new dog coat is because of the interaction of alleles of both dog species.

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There is not any Merle gene present in the chromosome of any dog breed. Merle Border collie color is due to these alleles’ interaction.

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Problems with Merle Border collie

Merle border collies have a mostly bluish color. Although these dog breeds have a very unique coat color, aside from having that, these dogs also have many health problems. Many of the merle Border collies are deaf and blind. Many of them gain some hearing and sight as they get old and become adults.

Merle Border collies have these health problems. There is not any identified effect of the coat on the dog’s health. These health problems are found in this dog breed. There is not any defined relation between the coat color and the health problems of the merle Border collies.

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Health problems of rarest Border collie color breed

The coat doesn’t have any defined effect on the health or the behavior of the dog but merle Border collies are found to be very sensitive to light.  Moreover, these dogs also have very sensitive skin due to which there are more chances of getting skin cancer. So although merle Border collie is found to be having the rarest Border collie coat color they also possess many health problems. Due to these health problems, it is not easy to pet a dog of this breed as a family dog at home.

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Merle Border collie has the rarest Border collie coat color. These dog breeds have unique coat colors due to which these are very popular among dog lovers and collie lovers. But along with having the rarest Border collie color these dogs also have many health problems. Most of the merle Border collies have health problems. So if you are looking to pet a merle Border collie then it is strongly recommended to go through all the medical records and checkups of the dog before bringing it to your home.

Stay Tuned for more amazing information and FAQs on the Border collie’s life, training, and Health.

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