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Are Blue Merle Border Collies rare

Blue Merle Border collies are energetic and loyal dogs with high IQ levels. These dogs are having the same characteristics as all of the other Border collies. This breed has ancient roots. This dog breed is also recognized by the American Kennel Club and as well as from the UK Kennel Club. So it means that this is a recognized dog breed from the roots of the most intelligent dog breed i.e. Border collies. Many of the people question, this breed that Are Blue Merle Border collies rare? Where is their origin? Is merle Border collie a perfect family dog? If not then what is the rarest Border collie color breed?

Blue merle Border collies are the rare and unique coat color collie dogs. These dogs have a white chest with grey or blue fur. These blue merle Border collies have blue or brown eyes. In most of the blue merle collies, there is one blue and one brown eye. These are very rare dogs and every dog lover is looking to breed these dogs. This is because of their coat color and different eye colors. If you are also a dog lover and want to breed these rare blue merle collies then you must read this article completely. There is complete information about this breed and all of its health problems.

Are Blue Merle Border collies rare

Blue merle Border collies have the rarest coat colors. These dogs look very attractive and unique. Most of the blue merle border collies also have eyes of two different colors. Mostly one is brown and the other blue or both of blue or brown color.

These dogs are the result of the alleles and gene interaction. Sometimes there are merle genes present in the chromosomes of the dogs.  But in this case, there are not any merle tissues involved except that you cross two rare blue merle border collies with each other. In that case, the two merle genes will collide and interact with each other for the formation of a new merle dog.

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Blue Merle Border collies are rare dogs

Different coat colors and different eye colors make blue merle Border collies the rarest Border collie dogs. They are simply perfect you say as the family dogs. It is because they are highly intelligent due to which they are very easy to train. You can also train a blue merle Border collie at home. They understand and learn very fast. You can teach these dogs any command within just 5 to 10 tries.

These rare blue merle border collies are also very friendly with the children. In your absence, these dogs are like the supervisor of your children. They also play with the children and express themselves as another family member.

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Blue merle Border collies health problems

Although, blue merle border collies are very rare, beautiful, and attractive dogs these dogs also have very health problems. These health problems don’t have any concern with the coat color of this breed. This is just in blue merle Border collies breed.

Most of the blue merle Border collies are deaf and blind as they are born. This is mostly genetically but these dogs don’t have those genes. They are just blind and deaf. Most of the blind and deaf blue merle Border collies start gaining their sight and hearing with the age.

Along with having blindness and deafness, blue merle Border collies also have many skin problems. Most of these dogs get skin cancer. If you are impressed by the beauty and attraction of this rare blue merle Border collies breed then it is recommended to check the medical records of the dog before bringing it in at home. Go through all of the previous medical records and then buy a blue merle border collie. Otherwise, without being a good companion it would be more like any other beautiful object present at your home.

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Blue merle Border collies are very rare collie’s dog. They are always the center of attraction when it comes to the comparison of a blue merle Border collie with any other dog breed. These dogs are rare and loving but they also have many health problems. All normal Border collies have hip dysplasia and skin issues but the number of cases of having skin cancer and other health problems is more in this dog breed. This has no relation with the beauty and the coat color of blue merle Border collies.

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It is suggested by the collieslife family to check the entire previous medical records of the dog puppy before buying and bringing it to the home.

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