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What are the pros and cons of owning a border collie

Owning a Border collie is very beneficial as well as also very challenging at the same time. There are many pros and cons of owning a Border collie dog, which is going to be discussed in detail below.

A dog owner must read all the pros and cons of owning a border collie before bringing a collie home. Border collies are very intelligent and loyal dogs as you all read about them everywhere. You will be hearing about all the pros of owning a border collie dog. In this article, you are going to read about the pros as well as cons of owning a border collie. This article is very important for every dog owner who is thinking about bringing a border collie at home. It is important that they go through this article then make sure that is border collie is the right dog for you.

What are the pros and cons of owning a border collie

You will find many pros and cons of owning a border collie dog down here. But before all that, you must also keep in mind that your schedule meets border collies’ requirements. This is because border collies are very sensitive when it comes to their needs. If you don’t fulfill the needs of your border collie dog, then it becomes a troubled dog and starts causing problems for you.

Border collies are marked on the top of the list in the case of the intelligent dog breed. But this breed does have many pros and cons. Some of the most common and popular pros and cons of owning a border collie dog are described below.

Pros of owning a Border collie


No doubt, the Border collie is the most intelligent living dog right now on the earth. These dogs can learn a single command within just 5 tries. Moreover, a Border collie dog can also learn up to 900 commands. These dogs are completely out of sense because of their very good sense of humor.

Caren performed a test on 300+ dog breeds to find out the most intelligent dog breed. Border collies came out on the top of the list in the experiment and are known as the most intelligent dogs.

Easy To train

As you see, Border collies are the most intelligent dogs so it also means these dogs are very easy to train. Border collies can learn any new command just within less than 5 tries. These dogs are very fast learners. They adopt things very fast and also very easily. All these characteristics of the border collie dogs make them very easy dogs to train.

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The loyalty of border collies is very popular among all the other dog breeds. Yes, Border collies are very loyal to their owners. If you take your border collie out into any park, you also see that your border collie is continuously keeping an eye on you. So it clearly defines that border collie is very loyal doesn’t matter what is the situation, they will always look out for the owner.


Border collies are very protective dogs. These dogs are always focused on the owner and can go to any extent to save the owner from the trouble. There are many incidents in which border collies have protected their owners. You can check and read about all the incidents in which Border collies have saved the owner. Border collies are protective dogs.

Inspire you to exercise

Border collies are very energetic dogs. So their energetic behavior always pushes them to work hard and find any way of releasing the energy. It is the need of the Border collies’ dog to exercise hard to release the energy. In this way, these border collies also motivate the owner to exercise. Border collies exercise hard and become the inspiration for the owners to exercise.

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OCD Tendencies

OCD tendencies can be overtaken at the young age of your collie puppy. You must train your border collie very well at an early age so that it doesn’t go towards the OCD tendencies behavior. These are also very focused dogs so it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the dogs focus on the right thing.

Easy to Toilet Train

Border collies are easy to toilet train. These dogs are very fast learners so it is possible to toilet train your border collies. It just takes 3 weeks for your border collie dog to for its toilet training.


Border collies always have a lot of energy so they always require attention and patience but there is so much fun. They have high energy. So they always want to play, always want to work, always want to learn and run. That’s all it fun. It is a lot of fun for every owner which has the patience and the time.

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Cons of owning a Border collie

Need constant Entertainment

Border collies are highly energetic and loyal dogs. These dogs require the constant attention of the owner. They are always ready to play with the owner. They need constant activity to keep themselves busy. To release the energy, border collies need constant entertainment.

Border collies Shed a lot

Border collies don’t need the proper grooming sessions like all the other dog breeds. But, these dog does shed a lot. Border collies shed, especially at an early age. If Border collies are not groomed at the time then it could create mats in their fur. These mats could hurt your dog if they are formed at sensitive places of your dog.

You are requested to read the given article completely to get all the information about the grooming and shedding of the Border collies. Do Border Collies Shed.

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Naturally anxious breed

Collies are naturally anxious. If you don’t socialize your border collie well, If you don’t socialize your border collie enough, if you don’t socialize your border collie young then your border collie will surely develop behavioral issues.

Border collies are naturally anxious so this makes them reactive breed dogs.

Sensitive to loudness

Border collies are very sensitive to loud noises. These dogs get afraid of loud voices and become aggressive. The owner must be around the border collie dog in these kinds of situations.

Herding behavior

AS you all aware of the collies herding nature, it also becomes a con for the family dogs. These family border collies will start herding the cars or the birds due to the herding nature and end up in some kind of road accident.


Border collies suffer through many anxieties. One of the most common anxieties among this breed is separation anxiety. It occurs due to the absence of the owner and the loneliness of the dog. Border collies are very sensitive so go into separation anxiety if they don’t see the owner around them for a couple of days. This also defines the affection and the loyalty of the border collie dogs towards the owner.


Collies get jealous very easily. They are very affectionate towards the owner. These dogs are also known as one-person dogs. Due to the loyal nature of these dogs, they get jealous when they see the owner loving someone else or getting close to some other person or dog.


Nipping is in the nature of the border collie dogs. It is very important to train your dog and doesn’t let it adopt bad habits. Border collies adopt the nipping habit when they find out that no one is listening to them. This is also the trick to get the owner’s attention.


Many pros and cons of owning a border collie are defined very clearly above. It is very important that you through all of them before bringing a collie dog. It is strongly recommended to match the collie’s needs with your schedule. If your schedule meets the requirements of collies then bring the dog otherwise you are recommended to go after any other breed.

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