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Border collies eye color

Border collies are working dogs by nature, used for the herding of livestock. Border collies can control the whole pack of sheep just by staring at them. They can get into your mind just by staring at you. Collies have attractive small eyes. The most common question people ask about collie’s eyes is what eye color do Border collies have? Which is the most common eye color among collies? Does eye color affect the health of my collie dog?

Border collies have black, white, dark brown, light brown, yellow, merle, greenish, amber, yellow, blue, and other mismatched eyes color. Border collies have different eye colors varying to the different coat colors. The almond eyes of a Border collie are the mark of intelligent expressions. The Black and white color of eyes is the most common eye color among this breed. Some collies have eyes of different colors which are not common as they are beautiful collie dogs. Some Border collies also have greenish eyes cast. Those collies are known as bi-eyed collies.

Border collie’s eye color

The brown color is the most common color eye among this breed. Some Border collies have greenish and amber eyes as well. Red and white border collies and red tri dogs mostly have the yellow or green color of eyes. There are very few cases in which Border collies have a solid eye color; in most cases, collies have bicolor or tricolor.

Most common eye colors of Border collies

Black, brown, white, red, and tan colors are the most common eye colors. Normally border collies have bicolor or tricolor due to the cross between two different eye color collies. The further cross between two bicolor or one bicolor and one solid eye color Border collie leads to tri eye color collies production. Now tricolor collies are so much in number that it became rare to have a Border collie with solid eye color.

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Tri-eye color in Border collies

Cross Tri colors include black, brown, and white. These colors are trendy in this breed. Red merle, blue merle, and lilac include these common tri colors mostly. Many Border collies now have tri-eye color; it became common now due to the cross between the collies of different eye colors.

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Mismatched eye colors

It is known that different eye colors are mostly found in working collies. One eye is known as the inbye and the other one as the outbye. Inbye is for a closeup, i.e. for close range whereas the outbye is for far distance. Border collies of any color can have mismatched eyes. It has been seen in black and white and red and yellow also in collie puppies.

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All Border collies have different eye colors. Tri-eye color is prevalent among this breed. Solid eye color is scarce in collies now.

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