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What do I need to know about my Border collie puppy

Adopting a collie puppy is a very memorable moment for all of us. Border collies are great family dogs. Collie puppies are brilliant and learn things very fast because they are swift learners. It would be best if you taught good manners to your collie puppy in his childhood. There are a few things that every collie owner must know about their Border collies.

What do I need to know about my Border collie puppy?

Border collies are the most intelligent dogs and also best as family dogs. Collie puppies are speedy learners, so an owner needs to teach his collie puppy good manners and training. They caught things very fast as they are in their growing age. You need to keep your Border collie happy all the time and fulfill all of his needs.

Training of collie puppy

Crate training is the best training you can provide your puppy at home to teach him some good manners. It is recommended to give crate training to your puppy. According to the research, Border collies that go through crate training in their childhood are less likely to have separation anxiety or other problems later.

Health Test of a collie puppy

You need to do a health test of your puppy to ensure he is not carrying any genetic disease. Border collies get many genetic diseases from their parents, so it is necessary to make sure that you have a healthy puppy. DNA tests are now available to make sure that affected Border collies don’t produce affected puppies.

Collie puppy at home

Always check the floor through your puppy’s level to make sure that there is not anything on the floor which could harm your puppy, or he could chew it.

Leader of the pack

Border collie’s lives in packs. If you bring a collie puppy at home, it means you and your family are his new pack. It would help if you didn’t let your puppy do everything at home. Otherwise, he will consider himself as the leader of the pack. It is important to show him that you are the leader of the pack and his owner.

Praising your collie

It is recommended to praise and give a treat to your puppy whenever he obeys you. Through this, he will learn good manners and will get to know soon that what is good and what is bad, which shouldn’t be done.

Good manners

It would be best if you never shouted at your collie; it will produce aggression in his personality. If your puppy does something bad, ignore it and praise them for his good manner. Through this, he will get to know what is good and bad.

Sensitive collie puppy

Border collies are very sensitive. Please don’t shout at your puppy; otherwise, he will get upset and get his feelings hurt. Good training of your collie puppy is necessary to teach good manners to him.


Take your Border collie daily out to the park and play with him by tossing a ball. Border collies are highly energetic dogs. They need daily physical activity to release their energy.

Grooming and maintenance

It is recommended to bathe your Border collie puppy 4 to 5 times a year. Grooming your collie puppy is essential to avoid the formation of mats.

Quick cessation

Border collies are known as family dogs. Border collie puppies are the most intelligent and learn things very fast compared to all other dog breeds. Every owner needs to take care of his Border collie and keep him in good shape. Giving daily exercise, teaching new commands and good manners to your collie puppy are very necessary. Make sure to your Border collie that you are the pack leader as it would also keep him under control.


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