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Are Golden collies good family dogs

Golden collies are very famous to be known as the good family dogs. These dogs are also known as the Golden Retrievers are originated in Scotland in the 1800s. This happened when Lord Tweedmouth crossed tweed water spinal with a yellow flat retriever. The resulted breed was then crossed with the bloodhound and Irish setter. Then again it was crossed with Tweed water spaniel. The resulting breed was called Golden Retriever. So what is the reason behind the high demand for these dogs? Are Golden collie good family dogs? Is Golden Retriever a family friendly dog? Can you pet a Golden collie dog?

Golden collies are good family friendly dogs. They have very positive and friendly behavior toward the children. They are even considered to be the perfect family dogs because of their family friendly behavior toward the children and other family members. Golden retrievers possess the characteristics of Border collies. This makes these dogs very family friendly dogs. But at the same time, these dogs possess high needs and requirements. These needs include a high level of daily exercise and owners’ love which is very necessary for these dog breeds.

Are Golden collies good family dogs?

Golden Retrievers are known to be good family dogs. These dogs are very family friendly and beloved dogs. Golden retrievers are also included in the list of the top ten most loving dog breeds. This breed is very popular when it comes to pet a family dog. Good behavior and high level of IQ and intelligence is the reason behind the popularity of these dogs. They are also more like a one-person dog. Golden retrievers develop a very deep relation with their owners and always ready to sacrifice and protect the owner. This makes these dogs very special and human-friendly dogs.

If you are looking for the perfect dog breed to pet at home then Golden retriever is the best family dog to pet. These dogs are very generous and polite in their behavior towards the children. They are always ready to work in a bond with the owners and they are always ready to please the family. In short Golden collie is a perfect family pet if you take good care of them and provide love and always ready to fulfill their needs.

Training Golden collies to become good Family dogs

These dogs don’t need any special type of training. They are very intelligent and can understand anything within just very few commands. They are very easy to train because of their high IQ level and intelligence. You can train your Golden collie at home very easily. Always ready to give a treat as a reward to these dogs while training.

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Characteristics of Golden collie dogs

Golden retrievers are having the characteristics same as Border collies. But these Golden retrievers are more popular be known as the good family dogs than Border collies. It is because of low aggression, more loving nature, and a high level of intelligence. Golden retrievers can be good family pets if you take good care of them and fulfill all of their requirements. These dogs are good with the novice owner.

Golden retrievers can tolerate hot and cold weather because of their double coat. These coats protect them against the weather and make them feel better and protective against the weather. These dogs are also sensitive at the same time if they are left alone or the owner is not very available to them. They show their sensitivity in the form of aggression. Most of the time this dog breed gets into separation anxiety. So it is very important for the owner to take care of all of the requirements of Golden collies.

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Friendly behavior with the Family

This breed is very friendly and affectionate towards the owner and other family members. They make their roam in the family and become the most loving family member. Their love for family members is also huge which makes these Golden collies very good family dogs.

Golden retrievers are also very friendly toward the child which is a very necessary characteristic for a family dog to possess. They get adjusted with the children very easily and sometimes start playing with them. If you are providing proper daily exercise to your golden retriever and taking good care of it then there is no chance on earth that your golden collie will show any sign of aggression or will cause any trouble.  This friendly and loving behavior of golden collies toward the children makes them good family dogs.

Golden Retriever as a family pet

So, if you thinking about having a golden collie as a pet then first make sure that you are also ready to fulfill the requirements of this breed. Make sure that you can provide proper exercise to this breed dog daily and can give your attention and time. If the requirements of this breed don’t meet your schedule then go after any other breed and drop this one from the list. Whereas, if you can provide proper time and attention to this dog breed, then there can never be good family dogs on earth than the Golden collies.


Golden retrievers are the perfect family dogs so far because of their loving nature and affection towards the owner and family members. These dogs are very easy to train and pet. They are also big in size with double coats. You just need to take good care of their coats so that it doesn’t form patches.  Well, and well cared golden collies become very good family dogs. So it is recommended to take good care of your Golden retriever dog and in return, you will have a perfect family dog.

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