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Is a Border collie lab mix a good family dog

Border collie lab mix is a ubiquitous dog mostly black in color are their parents? And can a collie e-lab mix become a good family dog? What problems could you face while having a collie lab mixer at your home as a family dog?

Border collie lab mix is a cross between a Border collie and a Labrador. Lab mix collies are very intelligent, active, and energetic dogs that possess many human aspects in their personality. You can’t predict a collie lab mix’s exact characteristics due to the dependence on the inherited parents. But the most major characteristics are common in all breeds of Border collies. These common characteristics include intelligence, high energy, herding and friendly behavior.

Is a Border collie lab mix a good family dog?

Labradors are very popular due to their great personality, which means collie lab mix also has great personality. Border collies are known as family dogs. Similarly, the Border collie lab mix is also a great family dog. They are very good companions. Due to the mixture of Border collies and Labradors, lab mix collies are given the nickname of Boradors. Boradors are very loving and friendly with the children, which makes them great family dogs.

Is Border collie lab mix the right dog for me?

Boradors are known as excellent companions, which means they can be perfect family dogs. They are very intelligent and easy to train at home with some effort. Boradors are very social and get to connect with other people very easily. They are very energetic dogs and need daily exercise to release their energy. Hence, if you have a busy schedule and can’t provide enough time to your Borador then go for any other breed instead of a collie lab mix.

Border collie lab mix appearance:

Boradors has short to medium coat length with smooth hairs all over. You will notice dark eyes and striking in Boradors which is very common in them. Boradors are usually present in black color, which makes them very attractive. Their coat is a little shorter than the Border collie’s coat so you can say Boradors has a medium coat. Boradors head is like Labrador’s, while the nose is similar to the Border collie’s.

Bringing Borador home as a family dog:

Collie’s lab mix is a mixture of Border collies and Labradors to have a great personality, and a loyal and loving nature. Before bringing a Border collie lab mix to your home, it is necessary to take him for a medical test to check whether he does or doesn’t have any genetic or any other disease. It is recommended to wait for a minimum of 8 weeks before taking a collie puppy away from his mother.

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Boradors are brilliant and loving dogs. They get social easily which makes them good family dogs. Collie lab mix doesn’t need daily or weekly proper grooming; they need deficient maintenance, which is also a positive sign of being a favorite family dog. They are excellent companions and very good exercise or long walk partners due to their high level of energy.

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