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How much exercise do Border collie puppies need

Border collie puppies have small soft, fragile bones.  The bones of your collie puppy could be misplaced if you over-exercise him. Collie puppies are very energetic dogs with the highest IQ level as compare to the other dog breeds. Keeping their high energy in mind, how much exercise do Border collie puppies need to release their energy? What kind of exercise is preferable for a Border collie puppy? When should I start training my Border collie puppy?

Border collie puppies need 20 to 30 minutes of exercise twice a day to release their energy. Border collies are energetic dogs that could build bad habits to stay busy in some task, so proper exercise and different playful tasks are necessary to keep your collie puppy busy and under your control.

How much exercise do Border collie puppies need?

Border collie puppies have a lot of energy that must be released through exercise or by playing with the owner in the yard. 3 months of Border collie puppy need 15 to 20 minutes of exercise twice a day. Border collie puppies got soft bones, so never start agility training of your collie puppy before he gets 12 months old.

How much Border collie puppies need to play

Playing games like hide and seek, ball fetching, and thug of war is another way to release the energy of your collie puppy. You can also play 20 to 30 minutes with your Border collie puppy in the yard, so he doesn’t get bore and always stay active.

Exercise for mental stimulation

Border collies are working dogs, so collie puppy needs more exercise to release energy. The best way to release your Border collie puppy’s energy is to utilize it in its mental stimulation. Playing games and teaching good manners to your Border collie daily is the best way to stimulate him mentally.

Border collie puppies need exercise for physical stimulation.

Border collie puppies are very energetic. They must be trained to their best to become the good Border collie dog. It would be best if you took your Border collie on a short walk daily to stimulate him physically. Play with him and keep him always happy. (How far you should walk a Border collie puppy)

What if a Border collie puppy didn’t get proper exercise?

Border collies are used for the herding of the livestock. Collie puppies are also very popular as family dogs. Border collie puppies need proper exercise and different tasks to keep them busy otherwise, they will find tasks for themselves, leading to bad habits and aggression.

Quick cessation

Border collie puppies need daily exercise to release energy. It is recommended to take your Border collie puppy for a walk of 20 minutes twice a day. You can also train your Border collie puppy some commands that would keep him busy and mentally stimulate him. (Need to know Before getting a Border collie puppy)


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