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10 signs a Border collie is dying: Border collies poor health

Identifying the signs, that a border collie is dying is not so easy for every dog owner. As it is the worst topic of discussion for dog owners. But at the same time, it is also essential that you are known about your dog’s health condition.

Signs a border collie is dying are not so common in the discussion. It is due to the healthy and long lifespan of Border collies. Yet in this post, we are going to look at the 10 signs a border collie is dying, and its end is near.

You cannot simply judge it by a single sign, but two or more signs give you the proper indication of your border collies’ poor health.

How do I know my border collie is dying?

Witnessing your dog’s death is the worst part, but it is best to be informed before. Therefore, you can adopt several steps before you notice such signs and changes in your dog’s health and behavior. Most of the time, when the dog is suffering from a disease, it is due to their genetic background.

Collie eye anomaly and Epilepsy are the two main genetic disorders border collies could face. Following are the 10 signs a border collie is dying. If you notice more than one following sign in your dog, then it is an alarming situation for you and your dog.

  1. Lethargy

The first and the most common sign a border collie is dying is lethargy. It is commonly a lack of energy and enthusiasm. It includes the flu, stomach viruses, fever, dehydration, and nutritional deficiencies.

Symptoms:  Its symptoms include sleeping more, poor hygiene, and loneliness in your dog.

Support: You should provide your dog with a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep and take rest. Click here to buy the most comfortable and recommended dog bed by professional Vets.

  1. Decreased Appetite

Decreased appetite is the loss of hunger. There is no desire to eat anything in decreased appetite. It is also known as the loss of appetite or poor appetite.

Symptoms: Your dog will show no interest in the food. Your dog may also show interest in only a certain type of food.

Support: You should provide proper nutrition to your dog. Make sure to provide smaller meals. Try to feed your dog the dog which it is more interested in. Click here to buy the high-nutrition dog food which is passed and recommended by the professional Vets.

  1. Weight Loss

As the border collie gets low on appetite, it will have a weight loss. Weight loss is the major and the most prominent sign a border collie is dying.

Symptoms: There will be a rapid reduction in the weight of your border collie dog.

Support: Take your dog to the vet. The vet will prescribe some diet and nutritious food to your dog. If it didn’t work as well, then it is the time to say goodbye to your dog as this is the sign a border collie is dying.

  1. Reduced Mobility

Reduced mobility means the dog gets dehydrated and builds muscular tremors. If the dog doesn’t eat well and gets weight loss, it means that it will build up reduced mobility.

Symptoms: The border collie dog will find difficulty in getting up. Your dog will show effortless movements. The glucose level of your dog decreases and it gets weaker.

Support: You should provide your dog with high-nutrition food. Always keep your dog warm and try to use slings and a harness to assist your dog’s mobility.

  1. Restlessness

A border collie dog losses interest in its favorite things around him at the end of the age. This is the visible sign that a border collie is dying. This mostly occurs when your dog is very old and near to die.

Symptoms: You will notice your dog being discomfortable all the time.

Support: Offer your dog a comfortable dog bed. Try to reposition your dog to prevent bed sores and provide comfort.

  1. Social Detachment

Border collies avoid social meetups and try to be alone at the end of their age. You will notice your border collie facing anxiety and depression at the end of the age. This is a clear sign in old border collies that they are near to death.

Symptom: Your border collie dog will adopt social and physical distancing. It will be completely isolated from all the family members.

Support: You should treat your dog as calmy and respect its isolation. Speak to your dog whenever possible and engage with it lovingly.

  1. Labored Breathing

Labored breathing is a clear sign a border collie is dying. Contact the vet in this situation. The vet will prescribe to counter this situation.

Symptoms: Clear irregular breathing of your border collie dog.

Support: Reach out to the vet asap.

  1. Loss of bladder control

You need to keep an eye on your border collies’ bladder habits. If you notice uncontrolled bladder and anal sphincter in your dog, then it is one of the signs a border collie is dying.

Symptoms: The relaxing muscles of your border collie allow emptying bladder.

Support: Try to place a urinary sheet under your dog. Click here to Buy from Amazon.

  1. Body temperature fluctuations

One of the signs a border collie is dying is also body temperature fluctuations. A normal border collie’s body temperature is between 100 to 103 Fahrenheit.

Symptoms: You will notice temperature fluctuations in your border collies’ body, chilling mostly.

Support: Provide a warm and relaxing environment for your dog and contact the vet on controlling your dog’s body temperature.

  1. Lack of Heartbeat

Lack of heartbeat and labored breathing is noticed mostly at the end days of a dog’s life. You will notice border collie dog breathing very slowly than a normal heartbeat. These breathing problems are caused by poor respiratory systems and heart failure.

Symptoms: Slow heartbeat, one of the clear signs a border collie is dying.

Support: Provide comfortable space to your border collie and check for other signs of a border collie is dying.

Facts you need to know about the border collie lifespan

Border collie’s average lifespan is 12 years. But as being the working canines, some of the collies also live up to 18 years old. It is important to check out the medical reports of your dog before bringing it to your home. Make sure there is no genetic disorder. Try to take your dog on daily exercises to increase its lifespan.

Click on the link to read more about the average lifespan of border collies.

What do border collies usually die from

Border collies are usually healthy dogs. But some of them adopt genetic disorders or get illnesses. CEA and Epilepsy are the most common reasons behind border collies’ death. 23% of border collies die from cancer. Other health problems such as deafness and blindness are also very common in ill border collies.

Click on the links to read more about the border collies’ health problems and what age do border collies die at.

What age do border collies slow down

Normally border collies slow down as soon as they reach 12 years of age. The average lifespan of border collie dogs is 12 years of age. Therefore, as soon as the border collies get 12 years of age, they calm down and getting slow down. Make sure you are providing nutritious food to your border collie dog for its better health and long life.

Click on the link to read more about At what age do border collies slow down.


Changes in the temperament and personalities of your border collie dog are the signs a border collie is dying. Your dog will get into depression and separation anxiety. It is important to provide a comfortable and relaxing time and place for your dog at the end of its age. No doubt, these facts are most disturbing to all the dog owners, but it is important to know before so that you can say a proper goodbye to your border collie dog.

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