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When should I start training my Border collie puppy

As soon as an owner brings a collie puppy home, He starts thinking about his puppy’s training. Most of the common questions are when should I start training my Border collie puppy? Are Border collies easy to train? How long does it take to teach a Border collie some obedience training?

Border collie puppies are speedy learners. They are at their grooming age to understand new things from the environment. Start teaching your puppy obedience training as he gets 3 months old. Don’t start agility training for your Border collie before he gets a year old. Collie puppies got soft bones, so it is not a good step to start their agility training before they get 1 year old.

When should I start training my Border collie puppy?

Border collie puppies are speedy learners and energetic. If you are interested in teaching your Border collie puppy some basic tricks, then you must wait until your collie puppy is 3 to 4 months old. Similarly, if you want to teach difficult tricks to your Border collie puppy, you should start that after your collie puppy is 7 to 8 months old.

Why shouldn’t I start training my collie puppy so early?

You must be careful in training your puppy because puppies got very soft bones. If you start taking your Collie puppy on a walk and training, it could damage his bones.

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Agility Training of Border collie puppy

It is recommended to start your puppy’s agility and ball fetching training after he gets 1 year old. This is because it requires both his maturity and physical development.

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Border collies attention

A teacher in a classroom needs the attention of every student toward him. Similarly, you must have the full attention of your Border collie puppy before the start of the training. It is recommended to take your collie puppy to someplace where there is least or no distraction.

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Consistent and positive reinforcement

Many owners mistake teaching their collie puppy and complain later that their collie puppy does not understand their commands. This is because most of the owners start using modifying commands with time and change them. If you are teaching your collie puppy the command to ‘sit down, you must be consistent on the same command always. Don’t use down or sit; otherwise, your collie puppy will not understand it.

Always reward and praise your Border collie puppy for his good behavior. Never shout or get angry about his mistake. Otherwise, it would build bad habits in his behavior.

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Quick cessation

Training your collie puppy is about your teachings as well as how you live with him. Border collies get things very fast because they are the most intelligent dog breed compared to all other dog breeds. Don’t shout at your Border collie puppy and make a habit of rewarding him for his good behavior. If he does something wrong, ignore it and praise the good he will get trained soon.


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