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Why won’t my border collie listen

Border collies are very loyal dogs. They are the most intelligent dogs and always listen to their owner. So what is the reason behind my Border collie’s ignorance? Why won’t my Border collie listen? Why he always stays busy with other things while ignoring me? They need the owner’s attention, then; why my Border collie is ignoring and disobeying me?

Your Border collie won’t listen to you if you don’t fulfill all of his needs like daily exercise and playing with him. Border collies are usually one-person dogs and always seek attention and love from the owner. Border collies become aggressive if they don’t get the daily exercise they need and may start destroying things at their home, resulting in a troubled dog.

Why won’t my border collie listen

Border collies are energetic dogs, and they need daily enough exercise to release their energy. If you are not giving proper exercise to your border collie, he will stop listening to you and your commands. He may become aggressive and a problem dog.

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Border collies don’t listen to the commands

Border collies stop listening to the commands and start ignoring the owner. The reason behind their ignorance is the lack of exercise. He will keep on moving and finding new tasks for himself to release his energy. So it is better to give proper exercise to your Border collie so that he listens to you.

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Border collies won’t listen if you shout

Never shout at your Border collie even when he has done something wrong. Just ignore him and try to correct his behavior through training. Shouting at the collie will make him aggressive and make him hate you, resulting in disobeying.

Leader of the pack 

Your Border collie wouldn’t listen to you if he thought of himself as the leader of the pack. Don’t let your collie go through the door first or walk before you. Always keep in mind that you are the leader of the pack. It will keep your Border collie under your control.

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Collies hate behind your love

Some Border collies don’t like extra love, cuddling, and hugging, which could become the reason why won’t your Border collie listens to you. If you feel your collie doesn’t like your touch or the way you hug, just leave it before he starts hating and avoiding you.


Border collies are one-person dogs. They are very obedient dogs, but sometimes your Border collie may not listen to you. There is always a reason behind your collie’s ignorance behavior. Sometimes he is busy with something more interesting. Lack of exercise is the big reason hereof why your collie dog doesn’t listen to your commands.

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