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Why do border collies lick so much

If your Border collie licks you in happiness and joy then may know that your border collie is in love with you. You must know that your border collie dog is trying to express its affection towards you in this way. Border collies usually lick their owners in affection. Moreover, border collies also lick whenever they are anxious and stressed. So, this leads to the adoption of the licking habit which is worst. It is because border collies with licking habit start licking people outside too. Which is very disrespectful and shameful for the owner of the dog. It is best to keep your border collie dog under your control so it doesn’t become a troubled dog for you.

Border collie lick when it is more affectionate towards you. It is their way of showing love. Border collie also starts licking in stress and anxiety. It becomes their habit. It is very important that you keep your dog under control and don’t let it adopt any bad habit. Border collies licking habit become so worst that they start licking other people and become a completely embarrassing and trouble dog for the owners.   

Why do border collie lick so much

If your border collie is licking you so much then you must think once about it and notice its behavior. Besides affection, border collies also lick when they are stressed and hungry. Licking the hands of the owner and staring into its eyes is the sign of asking for food. Border collies and the other dogs ask the owner for food this way.

One of the simple and the most common answer related to border collies licking is cleanliness. Border collies lick themselves to clean. This is very common among these dogs. This behavior of these dogs is normal.  Now there is a little different in that. It is your responsibility as an owner to notice the behavior and difference between the licking of your dog. You need to check whether your dog is licking to clean itself or is it doing this to calm down itself due to some stress or anxiety.

Border collies licking habit

Border collies licking habit is very dangerous. As an owner, it is your responsibility to control the licking of your dog before it becomes its worst habit ever.

Border collies lick in stress. So licking is also a signal of calming down and releasing some stress. Border collies also lick to get the smell and the taste of the owner. If you are getting irritated by the licking habit of your dog then it is recommended to provide a Kong or any other chewing toy to your dog.

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How to stop border collies licking habit

To stop the licking habit and behavior of your dog, first, you need to make sure about the reason behind its licking. Identify the reason behind your border collies licking and then move toward the solution.

If your border collie has just started licking and it doesn’t its habit then you must avoid your dog while licking. If your dog is licking you, then it is recommended to look the other way and completely ignore it. You can also produce some sound from your mouth to make your dog understand that you don’t like licking.

Kong is the best toy in this case. Kong and the other chewing toys can be very helpful in case of licking and chewing. You must get your border collie a Kong toy if licking is becoming its habit.

Moreover, licking habit of your dog can also be avoided by training. You would need dog treats during the training of your dog. Here are the best and the most recommended dog treats to you by the collieslife family. You can buy from here at very cheap price.


Border collies lick when they are hungry or under stress. Border collies licking habit is also a way of showing affection and love towards the owner. It is quite good until it becomes its habit. If licking becomes the habit of your dog then your dog would lick other people and will be a troubled dog for you. If you are unable to overcome the licking habit of your border collie dog then you must take it to the vet before it becomes its worst habit.

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