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Why does my Border collie puppy bite me

Border collies bite because they have pearly white teeth in their mouth. This is the simple answer to the question, but it is not enough to satisfy the curiosity of the folks asking, why does my Border collie puppy bite me? What is the reason behind collies’ bite? What do they try to say to their owner by biting?

Border collie puppy bite, especially when he wants to play eagerly with the owner. Older border collies also bite if they are not trained correctly in their childhood. Sometimes Border collie puppies bite if they feel unsafe and bite in a defensive way. Collie puppies may also bite if they dislike your touch on any certain place of their body.

Why does my Border collie puppy bite me:

Border collies bite people like other dogs. There is always a reason behind every dog’s bite. Border collie puppies bite in defensive, or it is a way to stop the interaction and keep some distance. Sometimes Border collie puppy bites to get the owner’s attention toward him. They are also jealous dogs, so the collie puppies may bite in jealousy.

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Border collie puppy bite on adding more food:

Border collie puppies may bite when you take their bowl to add more food. They don’t know you are taking a bowl to add more food; they think you are snatching and taking away their food, so they bite to stop you from doing this.

Border collie puppy Bites to get attention:

Border collie puppies bite whenever the owner doesn’t give proper attention to them. They bite to get the attention of the owner. The best way is to ignore their action and give attention later. Through this, your collie puppy will realize that it won’t work out.

Biting in aggression:

Border collies get aggressive in boredom and loneliness. Your Border collie puppy may bite you with aggression and boredom. It is better to fulfill all your collie puppy’s needs and take him on daily exercise.

Biting in jealousy:

Border collie puppies may bite in jealousy. If a collie puppy sees his owner attached to someone else and not giving attention to him, he may bite the next person or owner to get his attention.

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Bite on touching:

Border collie puppy bites if you touch any sensitive body part of him. Border collie puppies may dislike the touch and bite in defense. Maybe your Border collie puppy has some skin infection or any wound on that place, due to which he reacts instantly, resulting in a bite.

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Border collie puppy bites if he doesn’t get the proper attention required from the owner. Biting is a way to get the owner’s attention. Collie puppies also bite the owner in case of defensive. Training at the young age Border collie puppies can avoid this bad habit.

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